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Dirac’s latest breakthrough delivers deeper bass to your phone

Dirac Bass is designed to deliver ‘cleaner and deeper bass’ on phones.

Dirac is a Swedish audio optimization company that works with leading Android manufacturers to tailor customized audio solutions on their devices. We’ve looked at how the company worked with Xiaomi over the years to fine-tune the audio on the Chinese manufacturer’s phones, and now Dirac is debuting its latest solution aimed at delivering better sound.

With Dirac Bass, the company says it will offer deeper,  [Read More…]

Google Assistant gets support for more languages and deeper app integration

Assistant is expected to be on 95% of Android phones by year’s end and support for them all is on its way.

Last week Google said they would be adding some language support and other tools for Google Assistant soon because they have plans to support 30 more languages by year’s end. Today we’re seeing the first move from the company, along with some other great features to bolster Assistant in a suddenly competitive smart assistant world.

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Android P to get ‘overhaul’ and feature deeper Google Assistant, report indicates

Google should begin teasing its next version of Android in the coming weeks and months. Bloomberg tells us what we might expect.

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T-Mobile dives deeper into IoT with two new Access packs

T-Mobile has scheduled a conference at CES 2017 a few days from now, but until then the Magenta carrier has some Internet of Things (IoT) related news to share with us. T-Mobile just unveiled two new IoT Access packs to help encourage owners of IoT devices to get their devices online. The standard plan includes

Sony dives deeper into mobile market

Sony has announced that it will be releasing a handful of mobile games for both iOS and Android by March of 2018. In the past, Sony has dipped their toes in the mobile market with Playstation branded mobile games. Now they look to go full-on with a handful of internally developed games for both iOS and

A deeper look at themes on the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge

Samsung’s theme engine has been improved dramatically on the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, completing the concept from the previous generation.

Theming your phone can be a complicated but deeply rewarding project. Even with in-depth instructions and a tutorial video, a frequent response to some of the incredible themes assembled by our own Ara Wagoner is asking why there isn’t a one-button solution that applies the theme automatically. Last year we started to see that exact  [Read More…]

Nest Week: A deeper look at the Nest Thermostat

Just as our fearless leader promised in his weekly missive, we’re going to start taking a more focused approach for certain topics, and I have the honor of being the first to bring this to you. We’re going to start off with the now Google-owned Nest Labs and their Nest Thermostat. Rather than post a single long post on the Nest Thermostat like we would a smartphone or tablet review, we’re going to break down the  [Read More…]

The already-struggling Google TV just found itself in a deeper hole

Microsoft announces wealth of new Xbox 360 content partners

Google TV

Google TV’s pretty much been a non-starter since it was announced at Google IO in 2010. Trouble with networks and other content providers has kept any sort of mainstream adoption at bay, and we’re still waiting on the long-promised update to Honeycomb that will bring more apps and features.

Microsoft might have just made any update moot with the announcement of a  [Read More…]