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Samsung Galaxy S8 will have Google Play Music as default music service

In order to celebrate Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+’s global launch today, Google announced it has partnered up with the Korean tech giant to make Google Play Music the default music player/service on the new flagships. But that’s not all, from now on, all new Samsung phones and tablets (including the Galaxy Tab S3) […]

Google Play Music becomes the default music app on Samsung phones and tablets

Samsung customers will get a three-month trial and ability to upload 100,000 songs to Play Music.

Google has partnered with Samsung to offer Google Play Music as the default music player on the South Korean manufacturer’s phones and tablets, starting with the Galaxy S8 and S8+, which are going on sale in the U.S. starting today. The partnership includes exclusive features for Samsung customers, including a three-month trial to Play Music. The offer is available globally, but is limited  [Read More…]

Google settles in Russian lawsuit, agrees to let other search engines be the default

Google was hit with an anticompetitive lawsuit in Russia over forcing its own search engine as default for Android phones sold with Google Services. The main complaint was that other search engines like Yandex were being pushed out.

Now the search giant has settled, agreeing to pay a $ 7.8 million fine as well as allowing phone manufacturers to choose any default search engine. Google has “reached a commercial agreement” with Yandex to allow the Russian search company to partner  [Read More…]

Galaxy S8 home screen goes ultra-minimal, may not have app drawer by default

The Galaxy S8’s launcher looks more futuristic than we initially thought.

We’ve seen plenty of the Galaxy S8’s outside form, but what about the inside? I don’t mean the heart — we know that, too — but the software, presumably based on Android 7.1.x, though judging from these leaks launcher screenshots, the resemblance is passing at best.

Thanks to screenshots retrieved from a leaked version of Samsung’s upcoming Smart Switch app that will make it easy for old Galaxy  [Read More…]

How-To change your default ringtone

Ringtones are one of those things that we can use to personalize our mobile device experience. If you’re pissed off, maybe you set it to metal; feeling happy, maybe Journey is your tune; If you’re me, it’s video game ringers all day long. Let’s not waste any more time and get to it. Prerequisites: All […]

Facebook videos will now auto-play with the sound on by default

Facebook’s auto-playing videos are about to get much more annoying.

If you’re not a fan of Facebook’s auto-playing videos, get ready to be annoyed. Starting today, videos will auto-play with the sound enabled by default. If you don’t have your phone set on silent, every time you scroll past an auto-playing video, you’ll now hear the audio associated with it.

Facebook says that it introduced the change after receiving “positive feedback” from a  [Read More…]

How to change the default launcher on the Huawei Mate 9 and EMUI 5.0

How do I get rid of the launcher on my EMUI 5.0 phone? Easily!

The Huawei Mate 9 comes with its own pretty good launcher — though it helps to add an app drawer — but if you prefer something different, as many people do, it’s easy to change.

The phone ships with EMUI 5.0, which is a big update over what shipped on older Huawei devices, but there are still too many menus. In particular, it’s  [Read More…]

Skype as your default Android messenger and dialer? It’s almost a reality

Skype as your default messaging app? It’s almost a reality.

Thus continues the Microsoft takeover of your Android device. A new Skype application called “Skype Mingo” has been making the rounds. It enables Android users to utilize Skype as a native calling app, contacts manager, and all-in-one messenger. It’s also equipped with features like file and photo sharing, video calls, and Skype’s new bots — all the features that Microsoft’s been touting for some time now.

  [Read More…]

Google Chrome will finally stop loading Flash content by default at the end of 2016

Flash will effectively no longer be supported by default in Chrome.

With the forthcoming update to Chrome 53 in September, Google is finally taking its biggest step yet in the fight against using Flash on the internet. In that update, Chrome will move to block all non-essential Flash content on webpages by default, leaving only large essential Flash players run. This is a large step beyond the previous mandate of letting small or variably-sized Flash plugins  [Read More…]

How to set default keyboard on your Android phone

Setting up a default keyboard on your Android phone is a lot easier than you think!

One amazing thing about Android phones is the plethora of customization options you have, including the option to change keyboards. There are a bunch of great keyboard apps for Android to choose from, so find the one that feels right for you.

We’ll be working with the SwiftKey keyboard today to show you how to set a default keyboard on  [Read More…]