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Cyber Monday: These Best Buy phone deals are definitely worth a look

It goes without saying, but this is the best time of year to buy a new phone. It’s often these last few weeks of the year where carriers and retailers pull out all the stops, offering up discounts and incentives.

If you’re looking to switch service providers or simply hoping to upgrade your phone, there are more than enough offers to go around. That goes for those with a carrier and unlocked, too.

Here, we highlight some of the best  [Read More…]

We may not like the notch, but we definitely needed it to happen

Notches and hole punches are warming the bench for something better.

There isn’t a plight more impressive in the world of smartphones than the rise of the notch. Uncelebrated as it is, the notch stands today as one of the most common design traits found in these little devices we love.

It’s easy to point to the iPhone X as the reason for the notch’s acceptability (though it wasn’t the first of its kind to market, Essential  [Read More…]

Mint Mobile’s $20 data plan sounds too good to be true. It’s definitely not

Here at Android Central, we consider ourselves pretty thrifty people — it’s no accident we’ve partnered with the amazing folks at Thrifter, after all — and in the U.S., wireless service feels like a treadmill of endless fees and price increases.

That’s why, when we had an opportunity to check out Mint Mobile, we jumped at the chance. The MVNO runs on T-Mobile’s nationwide network, but does things a bit differently than the rest of the pack, and  [Read More…]

Motorola One and Motorola One Power hands-on: Definitely not an iPhone X

Notches and flat backs highlight what are generally pretty basic devices with little advanced design.

We had quite the run-up of banter around the launch of the Moto P30, particularly around how the device has a striking resemblance to the iPhone X. The global variants of the device, the Motorola One and Motorola One Power, are built on the same basic platform and have very similar design cues … but it takes just a few moments to  [Read More…]

7 useful OnePlus 5T tips and tricks you should definitely try out

The OnePlus 5T is one of the best smartphones you can buy right now, especially considering the competitive price tag. One of the phone’s stand-out features is Oxygen OS which injects some nifty features into Google’s standard Android operating system. But some of them are buried deep within the Settings menu. In what follows we’re […]

Vobot is like an Amazon Echo Dot, only slightly more fun (but definitely more flawed)

Vobot looks cooler and is a little more fun than an Amazon Echo Dot. But it’s lacking the one feature that makes Alexa Alexa.

We’ve already established that the Amazon Echo Dot is the first device you should get if you’re looking to start out with Alexa. But there’s one problem: It looks like an oversized hockey puck. Not exactly what I’d call fun.

Enter Vobot. It’s a sort of dot-matrix-looking alarm clock that bats its eyes  [Read More…]

6 Amazon Echo accessories you never knew existed (but should definitely check out!)

Amazon’s Echo line already is pretty good. But for just a few bucks more you can make your Echo even better.

So you’ve got an Amazon Echo ($ 179.99). Or maybe (or more likely) the less-expensive Echo Dot ($ 49.99). Or maybe even a newfangled Echo Show ($ 229.99). That’s just the start of things. Turns out there’s a burgeoning accessory ecosystem that’s actually full of useful things that make your Echo just a little bit better.

And none  [Read More…]

You should definitely buy this Android-powered iPhone case

This is definitely not going to end badly for you.

Let’s assume that a few people actually reading this article have an iPhone in their pocket. Perhaps it’s in addition to an Android device, or maybe it’s just a curiosity thing. But let’s suppose.

If you are such a person, I definitely recommend you invest in the Eye, a Kickstarter project that turns your iPhone into an Android phone.

Eye attaches to the back of any  [Read More…]

OnePlus’ #LickOfLove Valentine’s Day video will definitely make you cringe

OnePlus shows off the “world’s most lickable smartphones.”

OnePlus has a history of making questionable ads. The company’s earlier efforts were downright sexist and understandably caught a lot of flak, following which the brand turned its attention to videos that at least showcased its products.

For Valentine’s Day, OnePlus is bringing back the cringe factor with its #LickOfLove contest, through which you’ll be able to win two customized OnePlus 3Ts. While the contest itself is straightforward,  [Read More…]

Gearbest’s mid summer deals are definitely worth checking out

Our friends over at Gearbest typically offer sweet deals on smartphones and tablets that we feature from time to time. Today, Gearbest is running a massive sale on a ton of items in its massive web store. There are today only deals where you can get smartphones at over 50% off, and that is for phones