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Dirac’s latest breakthrough delivers deeper bass to your phone

Dirac Bass is designed to deliver ‘cleaner and deeper bass’ on phones.

Dirac is a Swedish audio optimization company that works with leading Android manufacturers to tailor customized audio solutions on their devices. We’ve looked at how the company worked with Xiaomi over the years to fine-tune the audio on the Chinese manufacturer’s phones, and now Dirac is debuting its latest solution aimed at delivering better sound.

With Dirac Bass, the company says it will offer deeper,  [Read More…]

HURRY! Hulu Cyber Monday deal delivers one year of streaming for $12

It’s Cyber Monday, and part of an ongoing week, month, and season of incredible deals. Right now there’s a promotion at Hulu which happens to be one of the best deals we’ve seen so far.

For just a few more hours, both new and lapsed subscribers can score one year of Hulu for $ 0.99 per month. That’s less than $ 12 for one year!

Do note that this deal applies to Hulu’s Limited Commercials subscription, which means you’ll still  [Read More…]

Unreal Mobile now also delivers its cell phone services through AT&T’s network

Unreal Mobile is a new offshoot brand from popular MVNO FreedomPop that offers super cheap plans with talk, text and 4G LTE data.

So far, Unreal Mobile has given its users the option of making calls or using data via Sprint’s CDMA network. But this week, the company has announced it’s expanding and will start offering low cost, unlimited mobile and Wi-Fi services through AT&T’s GSM network.

With the new partnership in place, customers can now buy and use an  [Read More…]

Double Dragon Trilogy delivers on action and nostalgia

Relive all the glory of the early Double Dragon games on Android!

If you ask me, Double Dragon is the definitive arcade beat ’em up game from the late 80s era of gaming. It’s such an iconic franchise that kicked all sorts of ass back in the arcades and on the NES.

Play Double Dragon Trilogy for FreeGAMESTASH

Porting classic games like Double Dragon to mobile should be a straightforward affair, but as we all  [Read More…]

Bluboo delivers its Official Review of the Bluboo S8 (Sponsored)

Editor’s note: This is a paid sponsorship and does not necessarily reflect the views of AndroidGuys.com. This article is an “Official Review” of the Bluboo S1 by Bluboo. We have reached out to Bluboo for a review unit so we can bring you our own findings. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 (international version tagged at $ 629.99 on […]

Casey Neistat delivers a powerful message in Samsung’s Oscars ad

“We’re the makers. The directors and creators of this generation.”

At last year’s Oscars, Samsung showcased the Gear VR with William H. Macy, while YouTube personality Casey Neistat took the 360-degree camera out onto the red carpet. For this year’s Academy Awards, Samsung is once again partnering with Neistat in a commercial titled, “The Rest of Us,” where he talks about the increasing role played by YouTube and smartphones in general in shaping the content of the future.

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WhatsApp’s new Status feature delivers video, photo updates

This week WhatsApp is turning 8, so as to celebrate the company has pushed out an update to improve the Status feature. For the time being the feat will be available only for users located in France and the Netherlands, but a global roll-out is expected to happen in the near future. Instagram introduced a […]

New ZEE Smart Core phone case delivers more power, memory and LED lighting show

If you always find your smartphone is running out of battery during the day and might benefit from a little bit of extra storage, then maybe you might be interested in Hello ZEE’s new smartcase called the ZEE Smart Core which was unveiled at CES 2017. The ZEE Smart Core works with iPhones/iPads but also

First look: BLU Vivo 6 delivers metal body, fingerprint, 64GB storage for £185 on launch day

BLU’s UK debut is an attractive mid-ranger — available on Black Friday for £45 off.

Today Florida-based BLU announces its first entry into the UK market, with the mid-priced BLU Vivo 6. The phone sees the upstart manufacturer bring an attractive metal unibody and a handful of premium features like fingerprint security and USB-C connectivity to a phone with a standard price of £239.99. But pick up the phone on launch day — Black Friday —  [Read More…]

MINI Cooper Compact Mirror Bluetooth Speaker: Unimposing design delivers powerful sound

The MINI is an iconic compact sedan that was first produced by the British Motor Corporation. The MINI transcended the normal gas-guzzling, bigger car design and replaced it with a smaller, more efficient design. What made MINI so unique was despite its small design it was still able to fit passengers and luggage. I have