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5G in the US: How each carrier will deploy 5G on phones

What you need to know about each carrier’s capabilities and plans for fifth-generation wireless.

The Big Four U.S. carriers are all well into their 5G roadmap. We have 5G-ready phones like the Galaxy S10 5G about to hit the shelves, and we already can see the results of testing using devices like home broadband routers and wireless hotspots. 5G is coming, and it’s not going to be the typical slow rollout we’ve seen with 3G and 4G  [Read More…]

Sprint to deploy 4G LTE service in 279 New York City subway stations

Sprint will be giving the millions of daily New York City subway system commuters a better way to keep in touch with their smartphone. The carrier plans to deploy 4G LTE service in 279 underground New York City subway stations. The project is expected to be completed by 2017.

Google Fiber to deploy its 1Gbps Internet and TV service in Salt Lake City

Google will expand its Google Fiber service to include Salt Lake City, offering residents access to its TV service and Internet speeds of up to 1Gbps.

Google Fiber is already live in Provo, Utah, but there’s no word on when service will begin in Salt Lake City.

Samsung works with West Yorkshire Police force to deploy the Galaxy Note 3

Samsung today announced the company has partnered with the West Yorkshire Police force in the UK. A total of four thousand Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphones are being issued to front line officers and members of staff, replacing traditional notebooks.