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Samsung’s next Gear Fit will let you plumb the briny depths and listen to music without your phone

Samsung’s next Gear Fit fitness band will include standalone GPS and offline Spotify playback.

Like its phones and tablets, Samsung makes different wearables to fit different roles. One of these roles is the traditional watch, filled by the Gear S line. The other is that of a fitness band, filled by the Gear Fit line. The first Gear Fit tracker was announced in early 2014, and Samsung has been steadily improving the line since then.

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Digital Depth’s new ALL Controller is an universal gamepad

I know what you are thinking….. Yet another fly by night idea landing on Kickstarter looking to entice us into parting with our hard earned cash, when the product hasn’t even been made yet. The past few years have shown us two things, a publicly funded project has the ability to be both a outrageously […]

Explore the ocean’s murky depths as a jellyfish in Seashine

Have you ever wanted to take a trip to the depths of the ocean on a mission to simply survive? Well, a relatively new Android game called Seashine may be right up your alley. In the game, you play as a fragile jellyfish just trying to survive the hazards of the darkest depths of the ocean.

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