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You and your PlayStation 4 Pro deserve one of these 4K HDR TVs

Shopping for a TV in 2019 can be confusing. There are so many options in a wide variety of price ranges. In the case of the PlayStation 4 — specifically, the PlayStation 4 Pro model — you’ll likely want a 4K TV that has HDR, which makes for a sharper picture with a wider range of colors. That narrows the list quite a bit, but even then there are tons of options on tap. We’ve found the best TVs with  [Read More…]

You deserve better Wi-Fi at home — A lifetime NetSpot Home is yours for $19

Have a Wi-Fi setup in the home or office but can’t seem to figure out why the data or connection is bad in certain rooms? Ever tested to see what coverage looks like throughout the house? Specifically, have you looked for dead spots or trouble areas? Did you know that you can do that with your laptop? Indeed, NetSpot Home can help you.

We have a great deal on a lifetime account for NetSpot Home, a computer program designed to help troubleshoot  [Read More…]

Mobile Fortnite players deserve the SteelSeries Stratus XL controller

We love gaming on Android, and test as many gaming peripherals as possible to give you the best advice on top-tier products.

Everyone’s favorite battle royale finally supports Bluetooth controllers on mobile. This has been a long time coming for Fortnite, and you’ll likely want the best possible controller to get your game on. You shouldn’t look any further than the SteelSeries Stratus XL.

Our pick SteelSeries Stratus XL

$ 38 at Amazon

The  [Read More…]

RhinoShield’s GS9 cases are even better than they look and cheaper than we deserve

A touch of class. Fully badass.

You either have a case or you don’t. And you have preferences for the kind of case you want to adorn your phone, from clear to clearly hardcore and everything in between. That’s totally normal. But some companies fall a little under the radar and need an extra push getting the attention they deserve. RhinoShield’s products fall into that category.

For the Galaxy S9 series, the company has released two very  [Read More…]

Xiaomi Mi A1 preview: This is the Android One phone we deserve

This is what Android One should have been from the beginning.

Google launched the Android One initiative back in 2014, partnering with local manufacturers to build $ 100 phones that received updates directly from the search giant. That premise made a lot of sense considering most budget phones don’t even see a single platform update, but the execution was far from faultless. At a time when offline sales outnumbered online retail three to one, Google decided to  [Read More…]

Evening brief: Samsung apologizes, Xperia X Compact ready for ROMs, and cows deserve privacy

All the news that’s fit for your eyes to wrap up the week.

With the iPhone launching and it being a Friday, it was a relatively slow day in terms of Android news. The one funny bit that took over social media today was the BBC report of a cow having its face blurred by Google after being caught in a Street View scene — nice catch! (But seriously cows deserve privacy, too, right?)

In more  [Read More…]

Marshmallow breathes new life into the OnePlus 2, but we deserve a stable build by now

The first quarter of 2016 has come and gone, and this phone is still on Lollipop.

As rumors swirl around the expected launch of the OnePlus 3, owners of the still-current-generation OnePlus 2 are wondering where their Marshmallow update is. Despite OnePlus originally guaranteeing a Marshmallow update for the phone by the end of March, here we are at the end of May with no official update in sight.

In a nice bit of transparency,  [Read More…]

TimeDock: the charger that Pebble users deserve [Review]

As a Pebble Time Round owner, I find myself fumbling with a charging cable every time I need to give my watch a battery boost. I’ve gotten so used to placing my Moto 360 into a dock and dropping my Galaxy S6 on a wireless charging pad that using a cable the old-fashioned way just seems

Developers deserve the ultimate Nexus phone


Each annual Nexus phone gives us a refreshed software experience that us Android nerds crave, but the amazing software isn’t usually backed up by the most amazing hardware. Each phone seems to bring us one or two really high-end hardware features, but then sacrifice something important. I want to start with the third phone in… Read more »

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Chromebooks just don’t get the hardware they deserve

The economics may not work out in a way that we’ll get great high-end Chromebooks

As I’ve spent an increasing amount of time using Chromebooks over the course of the last year, reviewing several personally, I’m starting to get worried about the state of the Chromebook market. While there are plenty of very capable Chromebook options out there that represent a fantastic value to price-conscious consumers, I’m wondering if there will ever be a time when  [Read More…]