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The $5 Philips Dusk-to-Dawn LED bulbs have a sensor to detect sunlight

A dusk-to-dawn sensor sounds like a bright idea.

Three Philips Dusk-to-Dawn A19 frosted soft white light bulbs are down to $ 15.10 total on Amazon. This 3-pack normally sells for around $ 24 and often goes as high as $ 27. The drop to $ 15 is the lowest we have ever seen.

These energy efficient bulbs use less energy than their 60W incandescent equivalent and are Energy Star certified. They will also last 10 times longer  [Read More…]

Google Play Protect uses machine learning to detect and remove harmful apps

Google Play Protect will use machine learning to scan for malicious apps.

A big theme at this year’s Google I/O has been machine learning. Furthermore, we know that keeping our phones secure is more important than ever. Google uses its powerful machine learning tools within the Google Play Store to scan and verify the apps installed on your phone. If a malicious app is detected, the service will remove it before it causes harm. These services were already in  [Read More…]

This underwater drone uses a sonar to detect fish and films them in 4K

When you think of drones, you probably envision flying little robots that can film stuff from above. But PowerVision has an interesting new take on the whole drone concept. If you enjoy fishing or just love aquatic fauna, you will really be interested in PowerVision’s new underwater drone, the PowerRay. The robot can dive as

Duplicate Files Fixer review: automatically detect and remove duplicate items to save space.

Does your device run out of storage, forcing you to painstakingly go through your phone and delete your contents ? Too busy or just too tired to go through your contents? Worry no more! Duplicate Files Fixer(free), available and rated 4.5 stars on the Google Play Store, does all this for you.

Objective View

Entailing a simplistic and easy to use interface, this is a user-friendly application that can be operated DFF-2by anyone.  [Read More…]

Google equips Street View cars with methane sensors to detect gas leaks

Street View cars are primarily used for collecting panoramic imagery of major cities and tourist attractions around the world, but that’s not the only task they’re mandated with. Google has outfitted a few Street View cars with methane sensors that enable the cars to check for natural gas leaks in the surrounding areas.