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Google launches first Android 11 Developer Preview for Pixel phones

The initial preview release is not meant for daily use.

What you need to know Google today released the first Android 11 Developer Preview. Android 11 brings updated connectivity APIs to take advantage of improved 5G speeds, support for hole-punch and waterfall displays, and deeper conversational experiences. The Android 11 Developer Preview is now available to download for Google’s Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, and Pixel 4 series devices.

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Google offers up first look at Android 11 with Developer Preview

Google on Wednesday released its first Developer Preview of Android 11, giving us our initial glimpse into the future of Android.

Arriving earlier than anticipated, the Android 11 Developer Preview doesn’t have anything major in the ways of user interface or experience. It does, though, have a fair share of interesting new features, particularly around messaging and security.

Although it’s called Android 11, developers and tinkerers looking through things will see references to Android R. But, don’t go looking for  [Read More…]

Microsoft unveils new details around Windows 10X at M365 Developer Day

What you need to know Microsoft has details plans around dual-screen app development on Windows 10X and Android. Developers can test their apps on Windows 10X today via an emulator. More details about Windows 10X have been unveiled.

New details about Windows 10X and dual-screen app development have been unveiled by Microsoft.

Microsoft has today shared more information regarding app development for the upcoming Windows 10X operating system, as well as how developers can adapt Android apps  [Read More…]

Snag this 58-hour software developer guide and hit 2020 running

What are your plans for the coming year? Are you looking to do the same things you did in 2019 or might you have a little more ambition? Is it time to kick your career into a higher gear?

We’re a tech-related site and, as such, tend to have a reader base that’s plugged into the space. Moreover, we understand that a sizable percentage of our audience are developers or dabble in coding.

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Take the new Developer Economics survey!

Developers, speak out. Where is the software industry going next? The new Developer Economics survey Q4 2019 is now open to all developers around the world until January 17th. Every year, more than 40,000 developers from 165+ countries participate in the Developer Economics surveys to set new trends in software development. This is a chance for all developers to be part of something great and set the industry trends, opportunities, and challenges for 2019.

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Oculus just bought Beat Saber developer Beat Games

This should give the studio more opportunities to innovate.

What you need to know Oculus has bought Beat Games. Beat Games developed Beat Saber, the highly popular VR rhythm title. Beat Games will operate as an independent studio in Prague.

Oculus has announced that it has acquired Beat Games, the developer behind Beat Saber. The company emphasized how impressed it was with Beat Games’ accomplishments, creating the first VR-only platinum hit.

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Mobile games developer Alpha Dog Games acquired by Bethesda Softworks

Bethesda Softworks picks up a new studio with a background in mobile games.

What you need to know Bethesda Softworks is the video game publishing side of ZeniMax Media. Alpha Dog Games is a mobile games developer, responsible for titles like Wraithborne and MonstroCity: Rampage. Alpha Dog Games has been acquired by Bethesda Softworks.

Alpha Dog Games is the studio behind mobile titles like Wraithborne and MonstroCity: Rampage. Per a report from Gamasutra, Alpha Dog Games has  [Read More…]

Get a 4-course Shell developer master class for just $12

Up for your consideration today is a 4-course Shell Developer Master Class Bundle. For a limited time, you can purchase the full kit for a mere $ 12, using a promo code.

Designed for beginners and professionals, the target audience includes data analysts, Unix professionals, administrators, and mainframe professionals. This shell scripting course is particularly beneficial for newcomers but experienced professionals can also brush up to further develop their career in Unix Fields.

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Words with Friends developer Zynga suffers security breach

Words with Friends developer Zynga has suffered a security breach.

What you need to know Zynga, the company behind the popular Words with Friends game, had a recent security breach. In their statement, Zynga explained that it appears no financial information was reached but caution is urged all the same. If you were one of the players of this game, you should change your password and take other precautions.

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This 121+ hour web and mobile developer training bundle is only $35 today

If you can think of a need, then there’s probably a service that satisfies it, but what if there’s no app on the market that satisfies it yet? In that case, you might’ve stumbled on a gold mine. It’s time to develop the perfect app that’ll satisfy our demand! Before you do that, you’ll at least need to know how to develop and design an app, and that’s what this 6-course bundle will teach you.

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