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Want Android P? Here’s how to get it on your device today!

Unless you have been living under a rock, you may have noticed that Google I/O 2018 kicked off today. The keynote mentioned quite a few different updates, including new features coming to Android P. These include an even-bigger focus on machine learning, along with an all-new navigation method. In addition to showing off these new […]

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Here’s every device with Google Assistant built in

Google Assistant is available on your favorite devices. Here’s where you can use it!

Whether you prefer using it on your phone, tablet or with a speaker, Google Assistant is working its way into more and more of our gadgets. Smart speakers are ubiquitous at this point, but Assistant is also making its way into other appliances.

Here is every device with Google Assistant!

Your phone

The easiest way to use Google Assistant is to use your  [Read More…]

The Moto G6 should’ve been an Android One device

Motorola doesn’t have a great track record with timely software updates. Android One could have fixed that.

The Moto G6 and G6 Play will be available in the U.S. in late May, and from our brief hands-on time, they’re already shaping up to be the new phones to beat in the budget space. Motorola has always delivered excellent price-to-performance with its Moto G series, but now that same price will also land you a premium rounded glass  [Read More…]

The Honor View 10 could be the best budget device and it’s available now!

After debuting at CES 2018, the Honor View 10 is now available for purchase for just $ 499. The device sports flagship-level specs, along with a dual-camera system.

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Amazon announces reference device for an Alexa-powered smart lamp

There’s no shortage of Alexa gadgets to choose from, but Amazon wants to make sure you’ve got access to as many options as possible. On March 28, the online shopping giant announced three new white-box reference devices that’ll make it as easy as possible for more companies to kick out their own Alexa speakers and lamps.

Amazon partnered with original design manufacturers (ODMs) JUNLAM, Narui, and Adition to create the reference devices, and they include two speaker designs  [Read More…]

This 7-inch GPS navigation device for your car is 44% off at TomTop (Promoted)

In a world where app-enabled smartphones have seemingly limitless capabilities, one must ask whether the once-innovative GPS device is still relevant today. Well, the answer is yes. You see GPS manufacturers have years of experience and millions of real-world test miles under their belt, so the resulting GPS devices are bound to still be able […]

How to use Instant Apps on your Android device

You have probably heard of the term “Android Instant Apps“, but you might not be exactly sure what it means.  Introduced back at Google’s I/O 2016 developer conference, Instant Apps represent the next step in app evolution. This is a universal Android solution that blends the speed and power of a native fully-fledged app with […]

Google says device shipments more than doubled in 2017, passed $100 billion in annual revenue

Google made a heap of cash in 2017.

Google is huge, and as you’d expect, pulls in money from a lot of different sources. The company just shared its latest financial report that showcases numbers for its performance in Q4 and all of 2017, and there’s a mixture of growth and loss.

Looking at Google’s total revenue in 2017, the company made $ 110.9 billion – an increase of 23% compared to its total earnings in 2016.  [Read More…]

New Amazon Echo device owner? Here are the first things to try

Amazon Echo was one of the most sought-after gifts during the most recent holiday season, literally flying off virtual and physical shelves. Three years after defining a category with the first Echo smart speaker, Amazon has regularly refreshed an expanded the line which now includes seven models, each powered by Alexa. Echo (1st generation) Echo […]

The first thing you should do with your new Android device

We have all been there – you pick up your nice new shiny Android device and jump straight into the Google Play Store and download your favorite apps but WAIT! There’s something you should do even before that. Find my Device isn’t enabled out of the box, but will be a lifesaver if you ever misplace […]