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Manage all of your home’s connected devices with Circle with Disney

You’ve read all of the insane stories related to Pokemon Go. Some are good like Nintendo making a comeback, and people getting extra exercise while playing the game. Others are pretty bad with people walking off a cliff in San Diego, or simply people playing too much too often. The moral of the story is

Siri-like devices are taking over the world

In the beginning, God said let there be light, and there was light. Not to be overly blasphemous, but you can now be a god too. And by that, I mean that if you speak it, it shall come to pass. Literally. From your car to your home to your to-do list, everything can be

110 Ultra luxurious HD wallpapers for your mobile devices

Access to Gallery: Click here For today’s wallpaper collection we have gathered 110 HD images of luxury for your smartphones and tablets. There was just a lottery drawing for over half a billion dollars, so whoever that lucky winner is can make these wallpapers a reality. For the rest of us, we can at least

Catch, hatch, evolve! Pokémon GO arrives for Android devices

If you’re a child of the 90’s and early 2000’s chances are pretty good that you’ve spent some time with a Pokémon game or two. Or, perhaps you’ve watched the cartoons or collected various toys. Well, today’s the day you get to start collecting Pokémon in the real world. Niantic, the guys behind two of our favorite

100 Super cool HD wallpapers for your mobile devices

  Access to Gallery: Click here For today’s wallpapers we have collected 100 images from around the web for your backgrounds. Many are perfect for those AMOLED 2k displays you are sporting on your Samsung Galaxy devices. Others are just neat looking and will look perfect on your mobile phone or tablet. We’ve changed things

PlayStation Vue app now streaming on Android devices

The PlayStation Vue app is now officially available for Android phones and tablets. Sony recently announced that it would be releasing the app and held to its word. Vue is a streaming service that lets you watch movies, TV, sports and more without a cable subscription.

From the app’s description:

PlayStation™Vue is a new TV service with live TV, movies and sports, without a cable or satellite subscription. Now available on Android Mobile. Download the app and  [Read More…]

Recharge your devices with BauBax’s wireless charging apparel (Kickstarter campaign of the week)

BauBax is a Seattle based startup that gained fame with the World’s Best Travel Jacket. The World’s Best Travel Jacket was a crowdfunding project that raised over $ 9M with almost 50k backers, and it was one of Kickstarter’s most succesful projects ever. We typically don’t cover crowdfunding projects, but with BauBax’s past success, we have another project for you

Google Support may offer live help with screen-sharing for Nexus devices

Word on the street is that Google wants to position its Nexus brand on a track that will see it attain wider adoption from smartphone buyers out there in the real world, instead of simply being enthusiast devices. To help get there, Google wants to offer a full-range of features, including ones that will apparently be Nexus-only.

That includes a brand new app that’s currently being called Google Support. As noted by Android Police, the app will apparently be a “Nexus  [Read More…]

Google announces update policy for Nexus Devices

Today, as Google rolls out the Stagefright patches, it also announced the new policy for security updates and Android updates.  From here on out, all Nexus devices will receive security patches and updates for the longer of three years from initial availability or 18 months from last sale of the device from the Google Store. Major

You can save 35% on these awesome skins for your favorite Android devices

SlickWraps is still celebrating Father’s Day by offering a 35% discount on its collection of skins for your HTC 10, Galaxy S7, Nexus 6P and more with the coupon code DAD. That’s right, all you need to do is use a simple code once you pick the wrap you want, and you’ll receive the 35% off. Each set comes with a wrap for the front, back and sides of the phone, so you can install however much of it you  [Read More…]