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Google checks more than 6 billion installed apps, scans 400 million devices daily

Google is continuing to take Android security very seriously, and that shows in the Android Security 2015 Annual Report. Last year, Google announced a reduction of Potentially Harmful Apps (PHA) by nearly half and has kept that momentum up this year. The company now scans around 400 million devices and 6 billion installed apps each day, a huge jump from where it was in 2014.

Some of the other key takeaways from the report include:

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10 Tips and Tricks all Android users should know to get the most from their devices

Many of you AndroidGuys readers are experts, and have a great grasp of how Android devices work. However, we do have a growing base of readers who are making the switch over from iOS devices that don’t know the basics when it comes to using their new Android devices. That’s what we are here for.

Never worry which direction you charge your devices with these fully reversable USB 2.0 accessories

You see USB Type-C trying to gain a foothold as the next generation of chargers, but Android’s largest manufacturer, Samsung, stayed with the current charging standard in USB 2.0. One of USB Type-C’s biggest advantages is the uniform plug and port. USB 2.0 (micro USB) on the other hand, has a plug and port which

Android N Developer Preview 2 released for various Nexus devices

Google today announced that its Android N Preview 2 is now available for developers and alpha testers to install. Those with the Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, and Pixel C are able to flash the latest release.   The updated platform comes with support for more emoji via Unicode 9 with more human reactions and designs.

Wallpaper Monday: 63 stunning QHD photos to grace your devices

Welcome to Wallpaper Monday, a feature where we share some of our favorite wallpapers that we find across the web. No one likes Mondays, so we hope our wallpaper collections will bring a smile to your sleep-deprived face! Uploading and downloading these HD images can have a speed drain on our poor servers. Although our

Google Messenger is the best all around texting app for Android devices

Android can be a bit confusing sometimes with the endless possibilities of customization. One of the most confusing areas is with app duplication. Pure Android devices like the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X come with Google’s own Android apps installed. Those apps include Gmail for managing all of your emails, Chrome for browsing the internet,

iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7 — two big reviews on two smaller devices

A couple reviews this week worth checking out from our cousins at iMore.

First up is the iPhone SE. It looks exactly like the 4-inch iPhone 5, only with upgraded internals. Do the price and smaller size make it worth it?

And there’s also the smaller iPad Pro 9.7. It’s like the 12-inch iPad Pro, only not 12 inches. Smaller. Diminutive, even. But is it still “pro”?

Two good reads that are worth reading twice. Enjoy!

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Coming soon: emergency update for Nexus devices

Google is pretty good at getting updates out to Nexus devices as quickly as possible, and this new update needs to be fast. A new vulnerability referred to as CVE-2015-1805 is

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Nexus devices to get a mid-month security patch after critical Linux kernel exploit discovered

App used to root Nexus 5, Nexus 6 found to have exploited ‘local elevation of privilege vulnerability,’ but .

Google has issued a supplemental update to its monthly Android Security Advisory after a critical flaw in the Linux kernel was found to be exploited in a rooting app. The flaw as originally reported was scheduled to be patched in a coming monthly security update, but that changed once researchers from Zimperium were able to demonstrate an  [Read More…]

iClever has the best chargers for your devices (review)

With more of our lives running on batteries each day, we are having to charge more devices than ever. The majority of people at least have two devices that they

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