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Chromecast Audio devices playing out of sync? Here’s your fix!

How do I fix my Chromecast Audio devices going out of sync?

One of the best features of the Chromecast Audio is being able to put multiple units together into an audio group so they all play the same thing at the same time no matter where they are in your house. This is also something that can be dramatically affected by latency, so you need an easy way to get everything in sync.

We’ve  [Read More…]

This $6 Aukey wall charger lets you charge 3 devices at once

Let’s just get this out of the way: you can never have too many chargers for your gadgets. If you’re looking to add another USB wall charger to your collection, now you can grab this solid 3-port charger from Aukey for just $ 6. All you have to do is use coupon code HN8L8AYI at checkout to score this savings.

Along with giving you one place to juice up three devices at once, this charger also packs  [Read More…]

Android 7.1.1 set for Dec 5 release on Nexus + Pixel devices

Vodafone Australia lets slip the launch date for the next version of Android.

Google has already stated on a few occasions that the final release of Android 7.1.1 Nougat will take place in early December, but now we have a tentative date to work with. Vodafone Australia has published an update advisory for the Nexus 6P, saying the OTA to Android 7.1.1, build NMF26F, will start to hit the Huawei-made phone from December 6 local time.  [Read More…]

A true ‘Night Mode’ may return to older Nexus devices

Will Night Mode be returning to Nougat? Time will tell.

Nexus 6P users who were miffed to find Night Mode removed when they installed the Android 7.1 Nougat OS update might have received an optimistic hint from Google of its eventual return. Night Mode acts as a blue light filter that helps reduce eye strain when looking at your phone late at night, and can be set to turn on automatically at sundown.

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Strava adds the Beacon safety feature to Garmin fitness devices

The world’s largest social media network designed just for athletes, Strava, announced the integration safety feature Beacon to Garmin LiveTrack. What is Beacon? When cyclists or runners head out for an exercise session, they leave the house to take on the roads and trails. Sometimes it can be difficult to locate your loved one when they’re

Lenovo’s future smartphones will all be Moto devices

Lenovo purchased Motorola in 2014, but the company kept its mobile branch separate from Motorola’s. Fast forward two years later and Lenovo is finally ready to make the transition and embrace the Moto brand fully. A new report coming out of China claims Lenovo will no longer release self-branded phones. Interestingly enough, the Lenovo Phab2

Just 0.3% of Android devices are running Nougat, 25% still on KitKat

The latest Platform Versions numbers show the same old story.

As of the start of this month, Android Nougat represents just 0.3% of active Android devices, following a common trend we see each time a new version is released. Android 7.0 Nougat has been out in the wild for Nexus owners for a couple of months now, but these numbers remind us all that Nexuses are not only a tiny fraction of phones sold in 2016  [Read More…]

How to debloat and speed up your Samsung Galaxy devices for just $1 without root

It’s no secret that Samsung Galaxy devices come preinstalled with a ton of bloatware and duplicate apps. Some of those are useful, but a vast majority of them are resource hogs that don’t need to exist on your smartphone. Samsung has been duplicating apps for several years now in its version of Android with TouchWiz.

Google releases Pixel’s awesome Wallpaper app for all Android devices

Well, that’s one less Pixel-exclusive feature.

Google has released a new app to the Play Store for all Android users running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and above. The app, simply called Wallpaper, offers almost the same functionality as the built-in wallpaper switcher on the Google Pixel, minus the array of interesting and unique Live Wallpapers that we covered in our review.

The upside is that now everyone has access to dozens of beautiful wallpapers curated by  [Read More…]

50 Mosaic wallpapers for your mobile devices

It’s been too long since our last wallpaper post. This time around we’ve gathered 50 HD and QHD images of mosaic wallpapers for your mobile device backgrounds. Some of the wallpapers might be a bit busy for some of you, but for others these images will show off the power of your displays. In order