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110 Super high resolution abstract wallpapers for your mobile devices

Your phone probably has a fantastic display and there is no better way to see the beauty of it than through a wallpaper. We’ve collected a huge library of over 100 HD (1080p) and QHD (1440p) wallpapers of abstract art for your backgrounds. These are perfect to show off the pixels and color gamut on your Android, iOS or Windows smartphones. They’ll also look great on your tablets as well.

We’ve changed things up lately and will be sharing the  [Read More…]

Lollipop is now on 34.1 percent of active Android devices, Marshmallow up to 1.2 percent

Google has released its latest update to the distribution numbers for each version of Android. In the latest round, Lollipop continues to gain ground, while the latest version, Marshmallow, inched up ever-so-slightly. Lollipop now sits at 34.1 percent, up from the to 32.6 percent in January, while Marshmallow has made the jump to 1.2 percent from 0.7 percent.

KitKat remains the version of Android with the single largest install base sitting at 35.5  [Read More…]

42 HD textured and simple wallpapers for your mobile devices

Not everyone likes to have a busy background. That’s why we have assembled 42 HD wallpapers that are sure to keep your background simple yet great looking at the same time.

All of our wallpapers are a minimum of 1080p resolution, which means they will look great on any of your devices. The collection may be a little eclectic, but with the wide range you should be able to find a few to your liking.

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Google Docs, Sheets and Slides gain collaborative commenting feature on Android devices

The Google Docs, Sheets and Slides Android apps gained collaborative commenting, which allows multiple users to add comments to keep everyone on the same page. The new feature, which will work on both Android and iOS devices, will allow co-workers to easily manage documents, make revisions, and ensure everyone is pleased with the outcome. New teammates can be added to the conversation by typing their name in a comment.

The new functionality is available starting now for both  [Read More…]

OPPO shipped more than 50 million mobile devices in 2015

OPPO is gearing up to be a serious contender for marketshare in the mobile space now that the company has surpassed 50 million units in a single year, experiencing a year-on-year growth of 67 percent. The company is now ranked in the top ten smartphone brands worldwide, according to TrendForce. Indipendent research firm SINO MR tallied OPPO’s marketshare in China alone at 27.9 percent.

In the past number of years OPPO has stepped up its brand  [Read More…]

HTC Hot Deals will save you up to 30% off HTC devices today

HTC Hot Deals have been of varying quality, and there have been steeper discounts than today’s offering, but in terms of sheer options this is easily one of the best.

The savings scales up with your purchase:

15% off an order of $ 150 or more 20% off an order of $ 500 or more 30% off an order of $ 650 or more

There are only a few limitations on the deal. It can’t be applied to the new UA  [Read More…]

The best 100 HD and QHD wallpapers from 2015 (Works for all devices)

No matter what kind of device you own, whether it’s a windows desktop or laptop, Android tablet or smartphone, or even an iPhone and iPad, we have selected our favorite 100 wallpapers from the last year. We know many of you love wallpapers, and rather than being forced to sort through our entire collection of wallpapers, we have assembled our favorite wallpapers in one collection.

All of our wallpapers are a minimum of 1080p resolution, which means they will look  [Read More…]

HTC rumored to make two new Nexus devices


Aside from the Nexus 9 tablet, HTC has not been at the forefront of Nexus devices in quite some time. According to a new rumor that originated on Weibo, that could change in 2016. The leaker, who is considered “often-reliable,” claims that HTC will be responsible for manufacturing not one, but two Nexus devices this year.

If the rumor is true, HTC will supposedly launch 5-inch and 5.5-inch devices with the newest  [Read More…]

Factory images with January security patch now available for Nexus devices

If you own a Nexus phone or tablet, and don’t like to wait for the OTA release, you can now download the latest factory image from Google and flash it yourself. The update is still Android 6.0.1, but carries a different version number depending which phone or tablet you are using.

54 HD beautiful wallpapers of water for your Android devices

Water is something many of us take for granted, yet it is a necessity we cannot live without. We should be drinking eight cups a day minimum, and can’t survive more than a week without water. But we rarely take the time to recognize its beauty. We’ve collected 54 HD wallpapers for you to use as your background on your electronic devices. Check them out below.

Check out the wallpapers and download as many as you would like.

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