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Android Things 1.0 aims to make it easier for devs to build IoT devices

Android Things addresses long-standing security vulnerabilities in IoT devices.

Back in 2016, Google introduced Android Things as a lightweight platform for developers to create IoT devices, and now the platform is getting a formal release. Android Things 1.0 is now ready for use on consumer products, and has picked up compatibility with additional SoMs (system-on-modules) based on the NXP i.MX8M, Qualcomm SDA212, Qualcomm SDA624, and MediaTek MT8516 platforms.

Reference designs will be available in the “coming  [Read More…]

Google makes it easier for devs to hide apps from rooted phone owners

Last week, Netflix made headlines due to its decision of blocking owners of rooted devices or those with unlocked bootloaders from downloading the application from the Google Play Store. Which seemed quite puzzling at the time, since the app could still be side-loaded and rendered functional on the said devices. But soon more developers might […]

Google announces major contest for indie game devs in Europe

Google to European indie game developers: Show us what you got!

One of the hardest challenges indie game developers face is getting publicity and exposure for their finished product. The fine folks at Google are doing their part to help, launching a new initiative for European indie developer teams of 15 people or less — they’ve put out the call for submissions to the first-ever Google Play Indie Games Contest in Europe.

The European contest is  [Read More…]

Android N Developer Preview 4 now live, devs can now target N APIs on Google Play

Google has just made the fourth Android N Developer Preview available for download. This update includes a final set of APIs so developers can begin compiling their apps and publish them in Google Play. Developers will also be able to run alpha and beta tests of these apps that target API 24 through Google Play if they wish.

From the official announcement:

Now that you have a final set of APIs, you can publish updates compiling  [Read More…]

The Big Android BBQ Europe will have burgers ready for devs on August 14-16

The Big Android BBQ for 2016 has been announced for Europe and will take place between August 14-16. Poised to be the best BBQ yet for the platform, the event is an opportunity for Android developers to meet, network and share ideas with some fantastic food and drink to boot. Speakers are currently wanted too, so should you be an Android ecosystem developer and wish to share a few enlightening words with the community, the BABBQ may  [Read More…]

Heads up Android devs! This $39 Java Developer Course offers 60+ hours of training

There are a lot of different languages to learn if you want into the world of coding and development. For instance, there’s HTML5, Java, CQL, Ruby, mySQL, and so many more popular coding languages. Today’s deal focuses on one of the coding languages that has been around for a long time: Java. If you have been

Google’s new reference app shows devs how to do multi-screen apps right

Google has released a new Android example app for applications meant for multiple form factors and screen sizes.

The sample app, called Universal Music Player, uses a number of new features from Android 5.0 Lollipop, and offers guidance to developers for getting their apps to work well and look good on multiple screen sizes, including phones, Android Wear devices, and Android Auto.

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Google updates Distribution Agreement, gives devs 3 days to respond to inquiries

Google today announced changes to the Developer Distribution Agreement that should make things a little easier on us, the paying customer.

Three things of note:

Developers who offer paid applications or in-app purchases will have three business days to respond to customer support inquiries, or 24 hours if it’s something “stated to be urgent by Google.” Contact info must also be correct, and Google now has more leeway to pull apps that are deemed security risks.  [Read More…]

Game devs – for the love of all things holy start using cloud save

There are a million things more fun than starting at the beginning

Let me tell you about Knights of Pen and Paper, my favorite Android game ever. It has bards and necromancers and magic swords and barbarians and all sorts of awesome things that everyone wants in a computer fantasy role-playing game. You start small and weak, and work your way through monsters and pirates and treachery, and one day you’re powerful and have all this  [Read More…]

Google Play Developer Publishing API to give devs better control over their Android apps

Developers now have access to a suite of new tools that help them track how well their app is performing and manage it after it is published, and it all starts with the Google Play Developer Publishing API. This new API, which was announced back at Google I/O, makes it easier for developers to upload APKs to different tracks — such as beta, staged rollout and production — as well as manage other parts of production  [Read More…]