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Pixel and Nexus dialer will send spam calls directly to voicemail

This will be available for all users in the next few weeks.

You know what’s not fun? Spam calls. Picking up the phone to be told you’ve won an all-expense-paid cruise after simply handing over your credit card info gets old real fast, and to help filter these out of your day, the Google Phone app for Pixel and Nexus devices is getting a new direct-to-voicemail feature for them.

First spotted by 9to5Google, this will send any  [Read More…]

Hiya Business Profiles lets Galaxy S8 users search for businesses right from the dialer app

In anticipation of the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ global release on April 21, caller ID and call blocker specialist, Hiya announced it’s expanding its partnership with the Korean tech giant in order to bring the new Business Profiles product onboard the new devices. Business Profiles offers a novel way of finding and contacting business without having […]

Skype as your default Android messenger and dialer? It’s almost a reality

Skype as your default messaging app? It’s almost a reality.

Thus continues the Microsoft takeover of your Android device. A new Skype application called “Skype Mingo” has been making the rounds. It enables Android users to utilize Skype as a native calling app, contacts manager, and all-in-one messenger. It’s also equipped with features like file and photo sharing, video calls, and Skype’s new bots — all the features that Microsoft’s been touting for some time now.

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Tired of getting telemarketing or spam calls to your cell number? Give the Truecaller Dialer app a try (app review)

Getting an unsolicited cell phone call is one of the most annoying habits human beings have invented. If you own a phone line that goes to your house (landline), I am sure you’re used to getting dozens of spam calls a week. Even with the government with the National Do Not Call Registry, run by the

Truecaller introduces smart calling history, availability and a brand new dialer

Truecaller, a popular dialer alternative for Android, has gained some new functionality in its latest update. You’ll now have a smart call history, the ability to change your availability, and a revamped dialer, plus much more. Truecaller has already offered the ability to block various callers, and easily identify who was calling you, and this is the next step forward for the team. The company describes the new features as:

Smart Call History replaces unknown numbers with  [Read More…]

Truecaller will enable next-generation dialer on upcoming BLU smartphones

Truecaller and BLU Products will now partner to bring Truecaller’s communication applications to upcoming range of BLU smartphones in 2016.

The partnership will allow BLU users to enjoy Truecaller’s smart dialer as the default dialer on their smartphones. The integration will bring caller ID, spam detection, and search as part of the default dialer for over 15 million BLU devices in the next 12 months.

Truecaller believes that even though the dialer is a core utility  [Read More…]

Cyanogen and Truecaller are partnering to build a new dialer app

There’s a new dialer app on the way for Cyanogen OS users, thanks to a partnership with Truecaller.

Smartphones have, for the most part, taken our ability to communicate and improved it dramatically. There are more ways to reach out to the rest of the world than ever before, and whether you’re into text only, face to face video, or good old fashioned audio calls you can reach out with relatively little effort. There’s one small  [Read More…]

Google developing a new dialer application?


Now, we all know about the leak last month involving Facebook developing a replacement dialer for Android users. Well, reports have now surfaced that would appear Google is working on one of their own.

Google’s current dialer, while good as is, does have its flaws. However the one being worked on would make it much easier to search inside the application for people and businesses, also the new software will be  [Read More…]

Hangouts Dialer now actually identifies itself as a dialer app

With a simple app update, Google has just fixed one of the biggest gripes with the Hangouts Dialer — it’s now actually identifying itself to the system as a dialer app. Prior to today’s update, you couldn’t quite fully replace your normal phone app with Hangouts because if you ever needed to initiate a phone call from another app — like a restaurant in Google Maps or a phone number in a text message — it  [Read More…]

What you need to know about the new Google Hangouts, Hangouts Dialer, and the old Google Voice

The new Hangouts is beautiful, and more than a little confusing now that it can integrate with Google Voice

Google Hangouts is getting a pretty major refresh, and it now integrates with Google Voice. And there’s a new Hangouts Dialer to contend with if you want to use both together. If it’s all just a wee bit confusing, we understand. Google Voice has never been much of a mainstream product, never mind that it’s damned useful.  [Read More…]