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PlayStation 4 hits 100 million consoles shipped, digital share growing

PlayStation 4 reached this massive milestone even faster than the PlayStation 2

What you need to know Sony just held their Q1 (first financial quarter) results for 2019 During the presentation, it was revealed that 100 million PlayStation 4 units have been shipped. This is a major sales milestone for the console to reach. Additionally, Sony revealed that the digital share for full game downloads is now 53%

Sony just held its financial  [Read More…]

Reviewing Visible, the digital carrier that uses Verizon’s network

Visible in an interesting wireless service provider in that it only offers one rate plan. For $ 40 per month, customers get unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data. The price also includes fees and taxes; it’s a flat $ 40 a month.

Visible doesn’t have its own network infrastructure as it utilizes Verizon’s cell towers. In theory, this means a nationwide footprint with really fast 4G LTE speeds. A chief difference, up until recently, was that its data speeds is  [Read More…]

FamilyLabs gives kids an extra layer of digital protection

Coolpad has been busy at work developing FamilyLabs, a way for parents to track the location of their kids, limit what apps and sites they’re using, and keep their screen time under control. We’ve been playing with early builds for the last few weeks, and so far it’s shaping up to be a helpful tool in the modern parent’s arsenal.

Setup is pretty straightforward. Parents start off with their own account, authenticated over SMS. They can add one  [Read More…]

I need Digital Wellbeing on my TV more than I need it on my phone

Of all the places I need to curb my tech usage, TV is top of the list by far.

I’ve gone through a lot of phones, Chromebooks, headphones, and a verifiable flood of phone cases in the last four years, but my NVIDIA Shield TV is my constant entertainment companion. I’ve banged out hundreds of articles while listening to old episodes of this show or that — I like quoting along to shows as I work, it  [Read More…]

Does a digital personal assistant have ethical responsibilities?

Should Google or Amazon ever inform the authorities when in doubt, or should privacy be paramount?

A friend of mine finally joined the ranks and purchased a Google Home. Largely because they were on sale, but also because she’s seen my wife and I use ours on occasion and her curiosity finally got the best of her. In any case, she now has a little robotic AI on her coffee table that can tell her the weather  [Read More…]

Kick-ass gadgets from Western Digital, Adonit, iOttie, myCharge, and more

We’re back with another roundup of cool gadgets worth checking out. While we tend to focus our reviews on mobile phones and accessories, sometimes we get the chance to try things that fall just a bit outside of that space. Nevertheless, we think they’re the sort of things that our readers might enjoy learning about.

For this edition we take a look at a solid state drive for a laptop, portable charger, dashboard mount, phone stand, and sound machine. Cool,  [Read More…]

How to set up Digital Wellbeing on your Google Assistant speakers and displays

Google’s Digital Wellbeing initiative is meant to help you and your family create healthy habits when it comes to technology. It started out on phones with features such as usage statistics, because the first step to building healthy habits is being aware of the habits you need to change.

Read More: Digital Wellbeing, Google Call Screening come to select Motorola phones

It has since made the jump to Google Assistant devices in your home. This will help ensure  [Read More…]

The Google Nest Hub is still the perfect digital photo frame, now cheaper

When the Google Home Hub was announced last fall alongside the Pixel 3 series, I wanted one immediately. A smaller, more typically Google design-inspired version of the Lenovo Smart Display with a screen that adapted to the lighting conditions of any room sounded like the perfect digital picture frame. And that’s how it was presented in review after review, since it’s the easiest and most directly emotional way to market such a product.

But a lot has changed  [Read More…]

How to disable Digital Wellbeing on your Pixel phone

Digital Wellbeing is a great tool baked into Google’s Pixel phones to help you keep track of your phone usage throughout the day. However, whether you simply don’t use the feature enough to keep it turned on or want to see if disabling it will help make your phone faster (which some claim it does), here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do just that.

Some of our favorite Pixel accessories Rock out: TaoTronics ANC Bluetooth Headphones ($  [Read More…]

Is there a region lock on PS4 digital games?

Best answer: No, Sony has removed region locks for all PlayStation 4 games, which includes digital games. However, any DLC you buy will need to match the region of the game.

Top up your wallet: PlayStation Store gift card ($ 25 at Amazon) What is a region locked game?

Regional lockouts, or region coding, is a type of digital rights management that prevents the use of a product in certain regions. In games this typically means a  [Read More…]