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Try out DirecTV Now for a month at absolutely no cost to you

If you’ve been looking to make the move to streaming all of your media, including your television shows, this may be the promotion for you. Right now, DirecTV is offering a free one-month trial of its DirecTV Now service when you use the coupon code RULESFREE9. The normal free trial period is only 7 days. You can sign up for any of the packages, including the most expensive options, and still get the first month for free.

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AT&T’s new Primetime tablet is a perfect match for DIRECTV

AT&T has announced a new tablet that plugs into its DIRECTV service.

Cellular-connected tablets have been around since the first iPad, letting users connect to the Internet even when they’re not around Wi-Fi. This was typically associated with light web browsing, as streaming video over a cellular connection is a fast way to burn through a data cap. As more carriers have brought back unlimited plans and zero rating for certain services, the ability to use a tablet as  [Read More…]

DirecTV Now lands on LeEco’s lineup of Android TVs

If you are the owner of a LeEco TV, then you’ll be happy to know that the company has started rolling out an update for its TV products which adds DirecTV onboard. The app is currently available for LeEco’s lineup of TV products including the X43 Pro, X55, X65 and the uMax85. This is also […]

LeEco adds DirecTV Now app to its TVs, throws in 3 month subscription free

This is the first DirecTV Now app available directly on a smart TV.

LeEco has just started rolling out a software update to its 4K TVs that includes the DirecTV Now app, and it’s sweetening the deal by also offering three months of the subscription for free. The new software update brings the streaming service directly to LeEco’s range of TVs, including the X43 Pro, X55, X65 and the massive uMax85.

From LeEco:

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Latest AT&T DirecTV Now promotion gives subscribers free HBO for a year

Existing HBO subscribers will get a $ 5 bill credit for 12 months.

AT&T has rolled out a “loyalty reward” to existing DirecTV Now subscribers. Starting today, all subscribers on “Go Big” and “Gotta Have It” plans will receive a year’s worth of HBO access for free, and those that have already subscribed to HBO will receive a $ 5 bill credit for 12 months.

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T-Mobile offers free Hulu for a year to make up for DirecTV promo failure

The Magenta carrier today announced its wants to do right by those AT&T customers who switched to T-Mobile in order to get access to a year of free DirectTV Now by granting them a full year of free Hulu access instead. That’s certainly a classy move, especially since AT&T has refused to provide refunds for

T-Mobile offering free Hulu for a year to some disgruntled DirecTV Now users

T-Mobile will never stop taking shots at its competitors.

Late last year T-Mobile took a swing at AT&T to offer a free year of the DirecTV Now streaming service for those who switched carriers … but unfortunately, DirecTV Now has had a pretty rough start loaded with service interruptions and bugs. To make amends, T-Mobile is now offering a year of Hulu for everyone that previously look it up on the DirecTV Now deal in 2016.

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T-Mobile baits AT&T customers by offering a year of free DirecTV Now

Love ’em or hate ’em, T-Mobile sure knows how to be provocative. Especially CEO John Legere, who is always looking for a fight or verbal jab to throw. Today is no exception as T-Mobile announces a deal aimed squarely at AT&T and its customers. Starting from tomorrow, December 16, anyone who brings two lines of service from

LeEco partners with AT&T for free DirecTV Now promotion

LeEco takes another step towards relevance in the U.S.

Self-proclaimed technology “disruptor,” LeEco, is taking steps to flesh out its relatively sparse content lineup by partnering with one of the biggest technology companies in the U.S., AT&T.

The Chinese manufacturer of affordable-but-high-end smartphones, TVs and, in the future, self-driving cars, has announced that in addition to opening up ecommerce channels on its website, LeMall.com, on December 1, it plans to offer between three and 12  [Read More…]

Cricket Wireless offers 30-day free trial of DIRECTV NOW

Cricket Wireless, the no-contract subsidiary of AT&T, has a enticing new offer for customers this month. Cricket customers. The new online streaming TV platform from DIRECTV, DIRECTV NOW, will be available as a one month free trial to all Cricket Wireless customers starting tomorrow, November 30. DIRECTV NOW programming packages are modeled after the DIRECTV