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Cheap Android phones shouldn’t be disposable

Cheap phones deserve to be supported, and so do the people who are buying them.

We all know someone who has whatever phone was cheapest — or, let’s face it, free — from their carrier. Not everyone is into smartphones and sometimes I envy people who can let go when it comes to pocket-sized tech. There’s a good chance that person was also happy with it when they got it and as long as it still works  [Read More…]

5-pack of Powrtabs: Disposable microUSB power for emergency situations, just $19.99

Nobody likes a low battery, especially when you know you won’t be getting to an outlet any time soon. You can use an external battery, but what happens when that runs out of juice? Today’s Deal of the Day is a five-pack of Powrtabs – extremely portable, disposable little batteries to give your phone a quick […]

Temp Mail is a disposable email service that helps you keep your primary inbox clean (Review)

Overview Everyone these days is asking for your email address. Want to read an article? You need to register by email first. Want to take advantage of a retail’s offer? You’ll have to sign up with an account. You can’t even comment on a forum or read a thread (with a few exceptions) without having […]

Resqbattery micro-USB disposable phone battery: 3-pack for $17 with free shipping

Smartphones and accessories that run on battery power will occasionally run out of juice from time to time. Rather than being stranded without power, you can keep disposable batteries on hand that you never have to fuss with. The AndroidGuys deal of the day is a three pack of disposable batteries from Resqbattery for just

Burner provides you throwaway numbers without a disposable phone [Review]

Overview Burner is an application that, for a small fee, allows you to create a temporary “burner” number that lasts anywhere from 14 days to 30 days. Burner provides a unique

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