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LG G3 wireless charging dock leaks

lg g3 charging dock leak

After months of rumors, the LG G3 announcement is due tomorrow, May 27. Thus far we’ve had a lot of leaks and we (think we) know basically everything about the phone - how it will look, its specifications and even what one of G3′s accessories will be.

This time around we have another of LG G3′s accessories that have leaked ahead of time,  [Read More...]

This vehicle dock’s lever-action suction cup with ball and socket arm allow you to mount to either your vehicle’s windshield or dashboard. Once you dock your Moto X, it automatically puts your device into car mode for a completely handsfree experience. You can utilize voice commands to make commuting much safer for you and those around you.

The Griffin Technology Vehicle Dock is available for just $ 24.95, 38% off today only. Grab yours while supplies last!

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HTC EVO 4G HDMI dock review

EVO 4G HDMI dock

As one of the first Android phones with a dedicated HDMI-out port, the HTC EVO 4G is the perfect candidate for a multimedia dock.  The official HTC HDMI dock is that perfect multimedia dock.  It’s stylish, simple, and works great — which is what most of us look for in our electronic accessories.

Inside the box is everything you need to get going.  The dock, a 72-inch (that’s  [Read More...]

Sony Xperia Ion media dock hands-on: Android on your TV with HDMI-out

Considering the flood of announcements coming from Sony Mobile this week, it doesn’t surprise me that the media dock that will be released with the upcoming Xperia Ion has been  [Read More...]

Galaxy Nexus car dock

While most of us here in the states are still anxiously awaiting to get our hands on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the folks at MobileFun have got their hands on some pretty awesome accessories for it. They took some time to show off the accessories, such as the car dock, HDMI dock, spare battery charger, and the pin dock. Some pretty awesome accessories here that we hope will follow along  [Read More...]

Motorola Droid RAZR HD Dock

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Motorola Droid RAZR HD Dock

Here’s a quick look at the HD Dock for the Motorola Droid RAZR. It’s a simple enough accessory — you plug in the phone and dock mode launches. It’s got a trio of modes — music, office and bedside (though we’d argue you could easily combine music and bedside if you play your cards right).

Just like with the car dock, the HD  [Read More...]

ThunderBolt Gingerbread

Here she be, folks. Verizon’s posted the changelog for the ThunderBolt Gingerbread update. It’ll be build 2.11.605.3, and includes:

New download manager app New app and power management details New desktop UI, including widgets, icons and screens New customizable dock icons

Plus all the other fixes and updates in Gingerbread, and more you can see in the screen above.

Source: Verizon (pdf)