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This NFC-enabled car dock is just $21.95 today!

Need an easier way to charge your phone and keep it safe in the car? If so, check out iBOLT’s mPro car dock for a secure holster for the phone with a built-in charger. It also has NFC inside, so it can automate a task when you dock your phone, and right now you can grab one for just $ 21.95.

Your PlayStation VR experience is best with a charging dock

This all-in-one charging and display stand for PSVR will solve a few problems.

Charging, displaying, and storing your PlayStation VR gear can be a hassle. You need dual Mini USB cables for the Move controllers, you need a Micro-USB cable for the DualShock 4 controller, and you need a safe place to keep the head-mounted display (HMD) and its cables. Without a charging and display solution, you’ll have an unsightly mess of cables in your VR  [Read More…]

Dock Minimal: Use your tablet in comfort (Review)

Onanoff has built its business a simple idea, build what is basic and necessary for all users. They have built quite the portfolio of products that are simple and durable. Sometimes you may not even know that you could use a product until you see it. That’s why today I bring you one of those products,

New 2016 Moto X and Droid leak reveals potential dock connector

We’ve already seen what a potential 2016 refresh of the Moto G and its reported Plus counterpart will look like, and thanks to a weekend leak from HelloMotoHK, we could now be looking at this year’s Moto X and Droid refreshes.

While a summer announcement is all but a sure thing, this is the first good look we’ve seen of the 2016 Moto X and its Verizon-only Droid counterpart, which are, year after year, increasingly losing  [Read More…]

This NFC-enabled car dock will keep your Galaxy Note 5 charged on the go for $22.95

If you are looking for somewhere to keep your Galaxy Note 5 safe and charged in the car, this charging dock from iBolt may be the one for you. With built-in NFC, you can configure quick actions to take place every time you dock it, and it even helps keep you charged on the go. Today, you can pick one up for $ 22.95.

This USB Type-C dock is my favorite accessory for the Nexus 6P (Product Review)

The next wave of cool phone accessories is coming. USB 3.1 and Type-C are opening a lot of doors to what phones can now do. Now we’re getting a lot of accessories that leverage these new features and we’re going to check one of those today, the Insignia 4-Port USC Type-C Hub.

Physically the hub is a black rectangle with an attached, non-removable USB Type-C cable on one end and four USB ports spread out on two of the three the sides.  [Read More…]

Buy a Priv, get a free case and USB dock from BlackBerry until Jan. 5

BlackBerry is offering a generous holiday offer for people who purchase a smartphone from its retail site, including buyers of the new BlackBerry Priv. From now until January 5, people who purchase a Priv, Classic, Leap, Passport, or Passport Silver Edition smartphone from the ShopBlackBerry.com site can get a free sync pod and device case that have a total value of $ 95.

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Get the most out of Nova Launcher: Customizing the Dock (Contest Included)

Nova Launcher is an app that millions of people use and it’s full of tons of features and options that allow the user to do so much customization to their devices when it comes to their homescreens, docks at the bottom of the screen, gestures and even icons. The list is nearly endless and while a lot of people know about these features and options and how to use them, there are still a lot of folks out there that  [Read More…]

This LG G Watch charging dock looks gorgeous

Looking for a great way to charge your LG G Watch that’s not boring or ugly? The standard G Watch charging base works well (we love the magnets) but it lacks in the sexy department. A lot. A small start-up from Sydney Australia aims to change that with their Indiegogo campaign for the Moduul smartwatch dock.

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Deal of the Day: Griffin Vehicle Dock for Motorola Moto X

Once you dock your Moto X in this custom mount, it automatically puts your device into car mode for a completely hands-free experience. You can utilize voice commands to make commuting much safer for you and those around you. It even has a port on the back to plug in your car charger and works with most cases!

The Griffin Technology Vehicle Dock is available for just $ 24.95; that’s 38% off today only! Get yours while  [Read More…]