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T-Mobile Galaxy Note 8 BOGO deal in the works, leaked document suggests

Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 8 just days ago, and already, we’re starting to see deals emerge. First, Samsung decided to give trade-in values for current and veteran smartphones. Next, Verizon and Sprint have already provided discount deals for the Galaxy Note 8, with both carriers offering up to 50% off the new Galaxy Note 8 […]

You can now drag-and-drop your Keep notes into a document

Google has introduced a new way to integrate Keep with Docs. This new feature allows you to easily transfer files between the two.

Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher for Android adds Office 365 document access

Microsoft has released version 2.0 of its Arrow Launcher for Android. The update allows users with an Office 365 subscription to access and read any documents they have stored without the need to open an Office app.

The update allows users to find and upload any Office documents they have on their phone or tablet to their Office 365 account. Version 2.0 also has a new set of wallpapers to access, and Microsoft  [Read More…]

Leaked document points to free Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge promo at T-Mobile

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge technically launch on Friday. We’ve seen shipments for pre-orders show up early, and Best Buy has jumped out in front by selling the

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RotoView PDF Reader brings gestures to mobile document viewing [Review]

As a college student, I find myself opening PDF documents on my phone quite often. From class syllabi to assignments to event flyers, PDFs tend to be one of the most frequently used document forms around campus. So when I began to explore RotoView PDF Reader, I wondered what set it apart from other apps like Google Docs or Polaris Office. As the name suggests, Rotoview offers a different approach for viewing PDFs, especially content-rich documents.

  [Read More…]

Internal Document Shows Google’s Side of EU Antitrust Case

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As we reported earlier, the European Union is preparing to file antitrust charges against Google as of tomorrow. Well according to an internal document leaked to re/code, we now can roughly expect what the search engine conglomerate’s defense can be. The memo leaked to the media outlet quotes as follows.

“The competition is just one click away… and it’s growing. People can use Bing, Yahoo, Quora, DuckDuckGo, and a new wave  [Read More…]

Adobe Document Cloud is now available for everyone to sign and share PDF documents

Adobe today announced the launch of Document Cloud, the company’s latest cloud offering for those who manage PDF documents across multiple platforms.

Dropbox to give web browser users better document preview features

Dropbox is currently rolling out a new update for its web browser users that promises a better preview experience for stored documents.

Dropbox says that the improvements will allow documents to load faster and look better while previewed on a web browser such as Chrome on Chrome OS.

Google Docs for Android updated with full-screen document review

Google Docs for Android grabbed an update today that brings a couple of new features that make it easier to review a document before you dive in to make edits.

Adobe gets its docs ducks in a row with Document Cloud

Acrobat DC apps for Android and iOS (and with easy syncing for Windows access)

Adobe may have invented the portable document format — that’d the venerable PDF, boys and girls — but for whatever reason its “Acrobat” suite never really had much to do with consumers, and even for biz types it often was easier just to print, sign, scan and send. That ends today with the announcement of Document Cloud, which brings forth Google Drive-like syncing  [Read More…]