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Unsealed court documents accuse Andy Rubin of running a ‘sex ring’

Andy Rubin made payments of hundreds of thousands of dollars for a string of affairs.

What you need to know A civil complaint filed by Rie Hirabaru Rubin says Andy Rubin conspired to defraud her by not revealing his sources of income. Rubin also conspired to defraud Rie Rubin by making her sign a prenuptial agreement under false pretenses. The lawsuit alleges Andy Rubin had at least five mistresses and was operating a sex ring.

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G Suite users are gaining the ability to compare documents in Google Docs

Google is making it easier to see and accept edit suggestions made between two documents.

What you need to know A new “compare documents” option is rolling out to Google Docs for G Suite customers. You’ll be able to highlight the differences between two documents, then create a new file containing those changes. Rapid Release domains will receive this feature over the next 15 days.

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Google Drive: How to upload, download, view, and share files and documents

How do I use Google Drive on Android?

Google Drive is one of the handiest cloud storage services around, giving you 15GB of free space, which you can access from just about any device with an internet connection. The age of USB thumb drives is over.

When you set up your Android phone, you would have been prompted to add your Google account, which is all you need to use Google Drive. Here’s how to set up  [Read More…]

Easily send your Evernote documents to Google Docs [How-To]

Evernote recently released its new Privacy Policy which is set to go effective of January 23, 2017, in which it states, among other things, that Evernote employees are allowed to review your content for what they call the oversight of machine learning. We will not get into the specifics in this post however if the

WhatsApp Web now lets you share documents

After introducing a standalone desktop app for Windows and Mac users earlier this week, WhatsApp is bringing added functionality to its web client in the form of document sharing.

The web interface previously offered the ability to share local photos and videos, as well as a camera utility that lets you take photos from a webcam. The option to share documents is certainly a nifty addition, and puts the web client on par with the mobile  [Read More…]

Successor to the Alcatel Idol 3 leaks in support documents

In support documents leaked on Alcatel’s own website, we may be seeing our first look at the successor to the popular budget phone, the Idol 3. The Idol 4 and 4S were leaked in great detail, and if true, it looks like we’re in for two more great phones from Alcatel.

The Idol 4S, appears to be the higher end of the two devices, while the 4 will offer very respectable specs for a mid-range device in 2016.

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Skype for Android now lets you open your documents in Microsoft Office

Microsoft is adding a couple of new and useful features to its Skype messaging app for Android. The biggest new addition is the ability for users to open Word, PowerPoint or Excel file attachments from directly in the Skype app.

Microsoft says:

Easily open Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets that you receive in 1:1 and group chats. If a friend sends you a Word document, tapping on the file will open it right  [Read More…]

Droid Turbo 2 and its shatterproof display may be available through Moto Maker according to Verizon documents

According to some new leaked documents from Verizon, the upcoming Droid Turbo 2 will be able to be customized through Motorola’s Moto Maker, and feature a shatterproof display. This is not the first time we have heard that it should feature a shatterproof display, though it is great to see some additional confirmation. On the original Droid Turbo, Verizon released a variety of colors, though you were unable to customize it to the level of the Moto  [Read More…]

Leaked documents reveal the Galaxy S7 might use the Snapdragon 820

A few days ago we revealed leaked specs for the Snapdragon 820. And if you may remember, Samsung ditched Qualcomm and used their homebrewed Exynos 7420 chipsets in the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge flagships. We can’t really blame them with that wise choice. However, if these documents are found to be true, we may see Sammy start using Snapdragon processors again in the Galaxy S7 series. S7 Series? Yes, manufacturers plan their devices years before release, and this one is  [Read More…]

Microsoft’s new Office Delve app for Android lets users view their shared documents

Microsoft’s latest Android app is Office Delve, which lets business users of Office 365 to look quickly through shared documents via a card-based user interface.

Microsoft seems to be making a bigger effort to support Android apps. Recently it made a deal with Samsung and other hardware companies to pre-load Microsoft apps on their Android devices.

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