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If you’re not using night mode on Google Home, you’re doing it wrong

Don’t let dumb AI kill the mood.

When you think of “night mode” on a device, you think of a dimmed screen and muted notifications. I’d never really thought about it on something that doesn’t have a display.

That is, until I stashed the Google Home Max in my bedroom.

Because there’s nothing quite like enjoying a day full of Norwegian death metal in the comfort of one’s own chambers, only to retire to bed in the evening  [Read More…]

T-Mobile is doing a Galaxy S8 BOGO offer for Mother’s Day

T-Mo has BOGO fever for Mother’s Day!

T-Mobile has a pretty rad offer for Mother’s Day: buy a Galaxy S8 on a T-Mobile One plan and get the second one free, or free-ish, with the start of another line. Let’s break it down.

The deal is pretty simple: if you buy a Galaxy S8 or S8+ on T-Mo’s Equipment Installment Plan (0% financing over 24 months) on the company’s Unlimited Plan (which we rated the best in  [Read More…]

OnePlus is doing everything right lately

The amazing story of OnePlus figuring out how to make great products people want.

A strange thing has happened between mid-2016 and today: OnePlus stopped screwing up.

The company that was notorious for poorly-considered marketing campaigns and forcing customers to wait months in virtual lines for new phones has improbably and wholeheartedly corrected course over the past nine months, turning into, at least from the outside, a well-run and confident machine. After releasing the OnePlus 3 in  [Read More…]

Six Flags is doing VR roller coasters right

Shoot down your enemies, and try to survive the Galactic Attack on the Mind Eraser.

I’ve been a roller coaster junkie for well over a decade now. When I go to theme parks it isn’t for special events, or for the water parks. Nope, I go to spend a day riding roller coasters. So when I got the chance to take a ride on the new Galactic Attack VR experience at Six Flags America here in Maryland,  [Read More…]

Google is doing a great job showing everyone why slow app rollouts suck

You probably have no location sharing tools from Google right now.

Unless you’ve received the most recent Google Maps update, with all of the fun new integrated location sharing features baked right in, you’re kind of screwed right now. Instead of waiting until the Maps update was totally pushed out to every Android user, Google flipped the switch and killed location sharing on Google+ for just about everyone.

That means you have no Google-based location sharing option  [Read More…]

If you’re not doing this with all your accounts, you’re doing it wrong

If you’re not using a password manager and two-step authentication, you’re most likely doing things wrong.*

This 4-minute video may change your life. Or at least convince you that strong passwords and two-factor authentication are a must.

Oh, wait. You already use a password manager? You already have 2FA on all your accounts? Great. But chances are you know someone who doesn’t. And you have got to share this video with them. We’re to the point that these  [Read More…]

Google Play doing even more to remove fake reviews and ratings

Fighting dishonest app reviews is a never-ending battle.

Google is constantly taking steps to combat a flood of fake reviews and ratings in the Play Store, and today reminded us of everything it’s doing to fix the problem. Building on its previously announced initiative of fighting fraudulent app installs, Google is also now even more confident it can identify and remove fake reviews for apps automatically without the help of developers.

From the Android Developers  [Read More…]

New report claims Samsung and Sony are not doing enough to combat child labor

A new investigation has claimed that companies including Samsung and Sony are not doing enough to tackle child labor. It’s reported by charity Amnesty that cobalt, a component used to make lithium-ion batteries in smartphones, is being mined by children as young as seven. This isn’t the first time tech giants have come under fire due to working conditions for those in the supply chains.

Children’s charity UNICEF estimates that approximately 40,000 children currently work in  [Read More…]

Reminder: Google’s Santa Tracker starts doing more today

Thanksgiving is over, and for many families that means it is time to start decorating for Christmas. While you’re busy setting up a tree and figuring out which bulb in your impossibly long strand of lights is in need of replacing, it may have slipped your mind that Google’s Santa Tracker app and website started unlocking fun things for you to do with your family.

Not to worry, we’re here with a friendly reminder.

[Read More…]

Is Sony doing the right things with the Xperia line?

I’d like to start by admitting that I’m a new-ish Sony Xperia fan.  Specifically, I gave the Xperia Z3 a shot last year and adored it.  The only reason I switched to another phone (aside from my new-phone addiction) was to have a bigger screen.

One aspect no other OEM has been able to touch Sony on is battery life.  This is something I think back to every subsequent phone I get, especially when we’re still seeing average battery performers, like the Galaxy S6.

The  [Read More…]