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Anker PowerHouse 200 review: Portable power done right

This is overkill for your basic charging needs. But it’s a godsend for some real on-the-go juice.

Dig through your gear bag real quick. How many portable batteries do you have in there? How many watt-hours of juice are stored up in those little plastic housings?

Now think about just how limited those things are. They’re good for charging phones, for sure. And maybe a USB-powered laptop, if you’re rocking something recent. But that’s about it, right?  [Read More…]

Trouble concentrating? Get more done with [email protected], now 75% off

Do you have trouble getting started with your homework or tasks at work? You come in, sit down, and you’re all set to go. You’ve even got your coffee sitting there next to you; things are gonna be great today. Fast forward an hour later and somehow you’re spinning your mental wheels in mud.

What do you do when even your best playlist can’t get you to concentrate? Call it a day and come back tomorrow? If only. No, what you  [Read More…]

Jaybird Run Review: Truly wireless headphones done right

Ever since Apple released the AirPods, Android users have been hoping for a proper competitor. We have seen options from Bragi, Samsung, and others, but nothing really has stuck with us.

READ MORE: Zolo Liberty+ Headphones Review

Then, Jaybird decided to jump on the hype train with the Jaybird Run. These headphones are completely wireless, come with a charging case, and come from a trusted brand.

In fact, Jaybird has been one of the de-facto choices for Bluetooth headphones if  [Read More…]

Chromebooks in the workplace: How one non-profit uses Chrome OS to get things done

Chromebooks and “real” work? It’s possible, even in the enterprise.

Despite its first impression, Chrome OS is great in the workplace. Every type of business needs access to email, internal sites for company announcements, calendars, and other basic tools. For the longest time, Windows has dominated the business landscape, but increasingly Chromebooks are challenging that notion.

During the weekdays, I work for a non-profit focused on mental and behavioral health. We have offices in a few counties  [Read More…]

Microsoft made Android Windows-friendly — but the work is far from done

I’m a big fan of Microsoft’s services and support on Android, but there are still too many Microsoft ecosystem apps and services that are either half-baked or simply not available. Here’s what I’d like to see Redmond do next.

For Windows 10 Mobile users, it has been a painful couple of years. After months of virtual silence, Microsoft unceremoniously announced it was leaving its phone users high and dry, as Windows 10 Mobile entered maintenance mode. No  [Read More…]

Google’s mobile app now suggests shortcuts to help you get stuff done

Google’s mobile app now shows shortcuts above the news feed.

Google is rolling out an update to its mobile app in India that introduces shortcuts to the home screen. The shortcuts live above the news feed, and give you an easy way to find the latest score in a cricket match, or view the weather information or driving time to a nearby point of interest.

The home screen of the Google app features four often-used shortcuts,  [Read More…]

The Silent Age: Point-and-click done right (Review)

In an era where endless games with pixel graphics abound in the Play Store, it is always pleasant to find developers who focus on providing a different, rewarding, and immersive experience. Even though people think that polished, refined games are reserved for consoles, we’ve seen through the years that developers can also come up with […]

HTC keyboard ads likely an error, but damage is already done

HTC is telling users to roll back the latest stock keyboard update, which clutters up the screen with ads.

Ads in the stock keyboard app on a flagship smartphone. Added quietly via an app update. Which then asks you to pay to remove them.

You’d be hard pressed to come up with a more comically villainous thing for a phone manufacturer, or app developer, to pull on its users. Yet that’s what’s been happening to some HTC  [Read More…]

Google is abandoning Nik Collection now that Photos is done with it

“There are no plans to update or add new features.”

The folks at PetaPixel noticed a new banner over the Nik Collection site recently, explaining Google will continue offering the popular software suite it acquired back in 2012, but it would no longer be updated. Google got a lot of positive attention for buying Nik and making the $ 150 professional photo editing software free, but the real reason behind the purchase was to improve the editing features of  [Read More…]

Aukey WatchTower review: Low-cost connected security done mostly easy

Aukey is a longtime seller of, well, all things electronic. Turns out that means IP cameras and an integrated security system, too — and at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Save 20% off WatchTower: Aukey is helping us help you by giving 20 percent off the WatchTower series if you use code AUKEYWMN at checkout. The code is good through May 13. Do it to it!

I’m at that point in my life where I kind  [Read More…]