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Don’t miss a moment of airline pilot Peter Weber’s search for lasting love

One of reality TV’s most guilty pleasures, The Bachelor is back for another weekly dose of emotional turbulence.

The Bachelor franchise has kept loved-up viewers entertained for nearly two decades, leaving a trail of tear-filled limo exits while also being responsible for several televised weddings. Now in its 24th season, the lucky man dishing out the roses this time out is Delta Airlines pilot Peter Weber, who will be trying his best to find THE ONE from 30 hopeful  [Read More…]

Don’t panic, your steps will sync when Fitbit’s servers come back online

OMG, are my steps going to count?

What you need to know Fitbit’s website and syncing services are currently down. The problem seems to be affecting North America the most right now. Fitbit support is aware of the issue and is working on a quick resolution.

Can’t get your steps to sync with your Fitbit app? It’s not just you or your devices. Fitbit appears to be offline in much of North America, Europe, and Australia, according  [Read More…]

PSA: Don’t update Twitter for Android right now; app crashing constantly

The latest Twitter for Android update is crashing immediately upon launch.

What you need to know Twitter rolled out an update that’s causing the app to immediately crash. You’re advised to hold off from installing the update while Twitter investigates the issue. If you’ve already installed the app, you’ll have to clear the cache or storage to get it to work again.

It’s uncommon to find wide-ranging bugs affecting a lot of users, but that’s exactly what’s  [Read More…]

The Trinity of Power: Don’t go anywhere without these charging accessories

No matter where you go, no matter what you face, keep your phone charged and ready.

There’s a lot of accessories I research and recommend for readers like you, and while cases are super-fun — yes, I am the rare tech writer that adores writing about cases — the category that I have true passion for is perhaps the least sexy around: chargers and power banks. These are accessories that once you get a good one can  [Read More…]

Got a Wyze camera with people detection? Not anymore you don’t!

Wyze announced the feature would “temporarily” disappear in November of 2019…

What you need to know Apple has confirmed the successful acquisition of Seattle AI company Xnor.ai. It means that Xnor.ai’s on-device people detection technology is no longer available on some Wyze cameras. In 2019, Wyze had previously stated that the feature would “temporarily” disappear this month.

Following Apple’s acquisition of Seattle AI company Xnor.ai, the company’s people detection software is no longer available on Wyze cameras.

  [Read More…]

What carriers don’t tell you about unlimited plans

Unlimited. It seems like a great deal on paper. No need to worry about overages. No need to worry about bandwidth limitations or unexpected fees. Total freedom to use your smartphone wherever, whenever, and however you see fit. There’s a catch, of course. There’s always a catch. That’s the thing carriers love to leave out when they’re talking about offering unlimited anything, especially data.

Nothing is truly unlimited. Even a quick browse through the fine print of any carrier agreement  [Read More…]

You don’t have to wait long to pick up the Galaxy S10 Lite in India

Flipkart starts teasing the Galaxy S10 Lite, suggesting an imminent launch in India.

What you need to know Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart has started teasing the Galaxy S10 Lite in the country. The Galaxy S10 Lite is rumored to retail for under ₹40,000 ($ 562), going up against the likes of the OnePlus 7T. If history is any indication, the phone should make its debut in a few weeks.

Samsung introduced the Galaxy S10 Lite and Note  [Read More…]

Don’t worry, Pistol Whip is still coming to PSVR

Beat Saber for arm day, Pistol Whip for leg day.

What you need to know Pistol Whip is a rhythm shooter inspired by Beat Saber, Super Hot VR, and the John Wick movies. Cloudhead Games confirms it’s still working on the title for PSVR and that it’s coming soon. It’s a great way to give your legs a workout since most VR games tend to focus on your arms.

Pistol Whip, one of the hottest VR games  [Read More…]

Don’t worry about cracks or scratches with these Nokia 6.2 cases

The Nokia 6.2 is a bit more unique as an entry-level or budget device considering it’s powered by Android One. This gives it the feel of stock Android, along with better and faster updates and a smooth experience. Even with that smooth experience, you’ll want to keep the phone safe from accidents. These are the best cases you can get today!

Bare necessities Olixar FlexiShield Cover

Staff Pick

Olixar offers many great cases and one of  [Read More…]

Jiggle Physics Podcast #16: Please don’t call it Xbox SeX

Carli, Jen, and Rebecca recap the Game Awards, while Russell repeatedly gets distracted and wanders off topic.

Hosted by: Russell Holly, Jennifer Locke, Carli Velocci, and Rebecca Spear

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