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Don’t miss Eufy’s Spaceview Baby Monitor at $80 off for Black Friday

Life pro tip: You’re going to spend about as much time staring at your baby monitor hoping your baby calms down and goes to sleep as you will actually sleeping… so you want one that’s nice to look at! And, hey, lucky you, the Eufy SpaceView 720p baby monitor is on sale right now for $ 119.99 on Amazon when you clip the coupon on its product page. In total, you’re saving $ 80 thanks to Amazon’s one-day sale, and  [Read More…]

Google, please don’t kill the basic Fitbit trackers

Hey Google, I like my Fitbit tracker #basic

Recently, Google announced that it was acquiring the fitness wearables brand Fitbit in a deal valued at just over two billion dollars. There has been a great deal of debate (at least in tech circles) on what this means for Google, for Fitbit, and for consumers and their data privacy. Will Google kill off the Fitbit brand and move the talent to the WearOS group? Will they develop that  [Read More…]

Don’t miss out on November’s best limited-time credit card offers

Heads up! We share savvy shopping and personal finance tips to put extra cash in your wallet. Android Central may receive a commission from The Points Guy Affiliate Network. Please note that the offers mentioned below are subject to change at any time and some may no longer be available.

Tis the season for limited-time credit card offers. The holiday shopping season is already upon us so it makes sense that companies are putting their best foot  [Read More…]

Don’t let your phone die — these are the best battery packs!

Nothing can turn your technology from state-of-the-art to overpriced paperweight faster than a dead battery, but battery packs can help recharge your tech when life plays keep away with your power outlets. Power banks used to be big, bulky, and slow, but Power Delivery charging has made things much faster — fast enough to charge laptops, even — and has allowed power banks to get slimmer and better than ever. There are plenty of options in every shape  [Read More…]

Minor annoyances don’t stop Borderlands 3 from being the best in the series

Definitely a Game of the Year contender.

It’s been seven years since Borderlands 2 released, and I’m happy to say that Borderlands 3 was worth the long wait. Character arcs receive well-earned endings, questions are answered regarding lore and theories that fans will love, and the gunplay is top-notch. Any stumbles Borderlands 3 takes are overwhelmingly outshined by what it does well.

And as satisfying as it is for long-time fans, it’s still accessible to newcomers so  [Read More…]

That’s my phone, I don’t know you

Smartphones can do just about anything these days — did you know they can even make phone calls? You’ve probably gotten your fair share of spam calls in the last few years, and many carriers are actively working to prevent spam and “robocalls” from happening, but some people don’t want to receive calls at all. Whether you use VoIP services, carry a work phone that only needs access to data, or you prefer texting over calling, here’s how  [Read More…]

Back Bay Duet 50 review: $45 AirPods alternatives that don’t suck

Cheap earbuds keep getting better and better.

Following the release of Apple’s AirPods in 2016, there’s been a rush from all sorts of companies to create their version of truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Some of them, like Samsung’s Galaxy Buds and the Jabra Elite 65t, have been great, whereas options targeted at budget-conscious consumers have left a lot to the imagination.

As such, when Back Bay reached out to me about reviewing its Duet 50 earbuds, I  [Read More…]

Don’t waste your money on Snakebyte’s Game:Pad 4S wireless controller

Snakebyte has some decent accessories, this just isn’t one of them.

I’ve reviewed a few premium controllers over the last several months, like the Razer Raiju Ultimate and SCUF Vantage, and I even reviewed a budget-friendly option perfect for children, so I like to think I have my bases covered when it comes to what to look for in a controller. When I first saw the Game:Pad 4S, I was skeptical because of its angular grips and  [Read More…]

Please don’t get an original PS4 over the PS4 Slim

PlayStation 4 Slim


$ 300 at Amazon

Pros Smaller Quieter Lighter More storage Can run PSVR Cons Not as powerful as the PS4 Pro

When looking for a new PlayStation this is the base model that you should consider. It’s not as powerful as the Pro, but it gets the job done and fits just about anywhere with its smaller design.

PlayStation 4


$ 395 at Amazon

Pros Classic design for  [Read More…]

Remember the Galaxy Note 7? I don’t think many people do at this point

This didn’t happen that long ago, yet it’s faded from consciousness and we keep buying Samsung phones.

Remember the Galaxy Note 7? That’s the one where hundreds of phones started spontaneously catching on fire shortly after launch due to battery design flaws, Samsung had to recall the phone, then re-launched it, and had to recall it again when the issue persisted. This all happened less than three years ago; the reborn Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition launched  [Read More…]