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Android’s notification dots are coming to Chrome OS

A new commit suggests that Chrome OS will soon get Android Oreo’s notification dots.

Oreo wasn’t the biggest Android update ever released, but one of the features it did add was notification dots. Notification dots are those colorful circles that appear next to your app icons, and long-pressing on an app with one of these reveals the notification(s) for that app above your app shortcuts.

A new commit was recently discovered by Chrome Story, and it suggests  [Read More…]

Nova Launcher Beta adds Android O style notification dots, but Dynamic Badges are better

Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges.

Notification badges have made huge strides on Nova Launcher in the last few months. We got Dynamic Badges to replace the hum-drum numeric badges back in March, and now, Nova is letting us downsize our badges and try out the more simplistic Android O-style dots in its latest beta update. And while I’m all for bringing the latest Android goodies to older versions, this is  [Read More…]

This weekend’s 11 best tech bargains: You should grab the Echo Dots while they’re still on sale

Happy Saturday! This was quite a week with the Presidential election on Tuesday, but at least it is behind us and we can start moving forward. The country was pretty much split 50/50 with the votes. I think the biggest lesson we all need to take from the elections this year is we need to come

Wednesday’s deals and discount codes: Buy three Amazon Echo Dots for the price of one Google Home (sale)

Finally, Election Day is over. No matter which side of the fence you’re on, let’s do our best to work together going forward while respecting each other’s differences and beliefs. The election couldn’t have been more divisive and now it is time to repair the bridges that have been torn down. Are you ready for

Dots & Co: A beginner’s guide

Get your puzzle on with Dots & Co.!

Dots & Co. is the third game in the minimalist Dots franchise. The visuals are colorful and charming, the gameplay simple and laid back — connect dots of the same color to make them disappear. Featuring a familiar match-3 gameplay style as found in classics like Candy Crush or Bejeweled, Dots & Co. adds a twist on the format by letting you swipe to connect any two or  [Read More…]

Dots & Co brings more companions and challenges to the mental oasis

Dots, the developer behind Dots and TwoDots, has just released a new mobile title called Dots & Co. This latest instalment in the series is now available for iOS and Android, adding an enhanced visual palette, more companions with new powers, all bringing additional layers to the original and much-loved gameplay.

Just like its predecessors, Dots & Co tasks players with matching dots with various mechanics that switch out and merge as progress is made. 155  [Read More…]

Original Dots game update released with some new features

Dots, the original game that was released in 2013 which spawned Two Dots, was updated yesterday to celebrate over 55 million downloads. The update brings a few of new features in the latest update.

What’s New Themes · Four color themes · Three premium themes that include fresh sound design Designer Mode · Customize your Dots game by choosing your own dot and background colors Other Stuff · Cleaner, easy to navigate interface · Higher resolution graphics for big screens  [Read More…]

Announcing the ‘Weekly Photo Contest: Dots’ winners!

This is one of those weeks where we had a bit more of an abstract photo contest prompt, dots, that really brought out a variety of different pictures. People took this one in many different directions, and we love to see the differences and creativity with each entry. We had multiple pages full of good entries, but could only keep around two to win the prizes. Read along and see this week’s winners.

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Weekly Photo Contest: Dots

Circles, holes, dots, whatever you want to call them — they’re all over the place, and they often come in patterns and designs that offer a cool opportunity for photos. This week’s prompt is “dots,” and we’re looking for the best photos you can come up with this week that incorporate that idea.

We’re picking out two pictures again this week to win prizes, and each winner will receive an iOttie Easy Flex Wireless Charging Car  [Read More…]