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The Oculus Go is down to just $120

This Oculus Go is a lightweight and portable VR headset. It’s not as powerful as the newer Oculus Quest, but it’s a solid option if you want to immerse yourself inside videos in virtual reality. The Oculus Go was already on sale for its lowest price ever this weekend ($ 149) but is now evern cheaper at $ 120 as part of an Amazon Lightning Deal. The deal is running out quickly, so you’ll have to act soon to get  [Read More…]

The Acer Nitro 27-inch 1440p monitor is great for gamers and down to $270

The Acer Nitro VG270U 27-inch IPS monitor is down to $ 269.99 through Newegg’s eBay store. You can also find it for that price on the main site, but using eBay is a good way to avoid Newegg’s notoriously bad policy on dead pixels (eBay has a more generous return policy). This monitor normally sells for around $ 370, and we haven’t seen it go this low before. This is part of Newegg’s Black Friday sale.

The gaming monitor  [Read More…]

Battleborn’s servers are shutting down in January 2021

Genre-busting heroes have died.

What you need to know Battleborn is a 2016 first-person hero shooter developed by Gearbox Software. Today, Gearbox announced that the game has been pulled from online storefronts. Gearbox is disabling microtransaction purchases on February 24, 2020. The game’s servers will be taken offline in January 2021 and it will then be completely unplayable.

While Gearbox Software’s latest game, Borderlands 3, is doing quite well with over 7 million copies sold, the studio’s  [Read More…]

Google doubles down on Android security with an upgraded bug bounty program

The top reward is now worth $ 1.5 million!

What you need to know Google is expanding the Android Security Rewards program. The biggest possible bug bounty under the program is now $ 1.5 million. There are also other new types of prizes, relating to data exfiltration and lock screen bypass, which go up to $ 500,000.

Google’s bug bounty program for Android, known as Android Security Rewards, has given out over $ 4 million in the  [Read More…]

Is the PlayStation Network down?

The PlayStation Network isn’t down right now — but we’re still here to help.

Best answer: No, all PlayStation Network services appear to be up and running across all devices. The last time the network encountered any issues was on Nov. 2 where players reported problems with social features and online gaming.

How to fix PlayStation Network connection problems

If the entire PlayStation Network is down, the situation is unfortunately out  [Read More…]

PlayStation Vue is shutting down

The streaming service will go dark on Jan. 30, 2020.

The long-whispered rumors turned out to be true. Sony today announced in a blog post that it is shutting down PlayStation Vue.

The streaming service — one of the first one what we’d consider to be the major streaming services alongside Sling TV, YouTube TV, AT&T TV Now (the former DirecTV Now) and Hulu — PlayStation Vue long suffered under the weight of its own name. That is, folks forever  [Read More…]

Stellaris: Galaxy Command steals Halo 4 artwork, pulled down temporarily

A new mobile game from Paradox Interactive has been pulled because fans noticed some similarities to another game’s art.

What you need to know Stellaris: Galaxy Command is a spin on the popular strategy game Stellaris. Players noticed that the game was using artwork taken from Halo 4. The game has been taken offline temporarily to remove this artwork. Paradox Interactive issued an apology on Twitter.

Earlier today, we reported on the announcement of Stellaris: Galaxy Command,  [Read More…]

This $150 dash cam is down to $30 today

Disaster can strike on the road when you least expect it, and when it does, it pays to have an extra set of eyes to act as a reliable witness. But what happens when you need to capture a moment the human eye might miss? Meet the reliable $ 29.99 Black Box Dash Cam, the ultimate car crash failsafe.

The Black Box is a small yet powerful dash cam that attaches to your windshield. It contains a G-Sensor and  [Read More…]

The Cresuer Touchwave 2 wireless earbuds are down to $45 right now

Bluetooth earbuds have been around for ages, but there were few reasons to buy a pair. For one, old Bluetooth protocols can’t deliver the same amount of data as wired solutions, so no matter how high-end your earbud drivers were, they still wouldn’t sound as good as a decent wired pair. Bluetooth 5.0 changes all that; you can now enjoy rich, detailed sound without getting tangled in wires, and these $ 44.99 Cresuer Touchwave 2s make the perfect entry-level  [Read More…]

Kik Messenger is shutting down to focus on its Kin cryptocurrency

All focus will be on Kin and the company’s current legal battle with the SEC.

What you need to know Kik Interactive founder, Ted Livingston, has announced that Kik will be shutting down. The messaging app is being shut down so the company has money for a legal battle with the SEC over its Kin cryptocurrency. There is no official date on when the shutdown will occur.

In a blog post on Medium, Kik Interactive founder, Ted  [Read More…]