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New on Amazon Prime Video: White Dragon, Lorena and Giant Beast

If you’re into murder and mysteries, the month of February is for you on Amazon Prime video.

It’s time for another new generation (yes, again) to discover Agatha Christie. The legacy of the author’s work is undeniable, and it’s back yet again as an Amazon Prime Original Series. The ABC Murders are up first and available in 4K with HDR.

Or if you want something a little more contemporary, there’s White Dragon, with a professor whose wife is  [Read More…]

Dragon Ball Project Z is the RPG fans have been waiting for

Bandai Namco finally listened to us.

Dragon Ball is one of the most popular franchises in the world, but its video game iterations have been relegated to fighting games. However, it looks like that’s about to change! Today, Bandai Namco announced “Dragon Ball Game: Project Z” which is an action role-playing game (RPG). You can watch the teaser trailer below. Currently, the title has only been announced for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

The description  [Read More…]

Dragon Quest 11 for PlayStation 4: Everything you need to know

PlayStation and JRPGs are synonymous, and Dragon Quest 11 is the ultimate one.

Square Enix’s announcement of Dragon Quest 11 delighted many-a JRPG fan. The game’s western debut marks the first time in over a decade that we’ve seen a Dragon Quest title made for a major console.

With that comes a whole new opportunity to get fans of the series back into the game, as well as an original story for newcomers to enjoy. If you  [Read More…]

Double Dragon Trilogy delivers on action and nostalgia

Relive all the glory of the early Double Dragon games on Android!

If you ask me, Double Dragon is the definitive arcade beat ’em up game from the late 80s era of gaming. It’s such an iconic franchise that kicked all sorts of ass back in the arcades and on the NES.

Play Double Dragon Trilogy for FreeGAMESTASH

Porting classic games like Double Dragon to mobile should be a straightforward affair, but as we all  [Read More…]

Tame your home screen with a dragon wallpaper

Dragons are powerful and fearsome. Put one on your home screen.

Dragons can command the elements to shoot fire or ice. Their bodies are living tanks, often able to withstand swords and even heavy artillery. Dragons are terrifying, and maybe that’s why we’re so drawn to their legends. Dragons have been a part of our mythology for centuries, and our infatuation may ebb and wax with the times, but they never vanish from our imaginations and our  [Read More…]

Dragon Hills (Father-Daughter Review)

This review was done in conjunction with my nine-year-old daughter. She provided her own perspective apart from mine in order to show how both children and adults perceived the Google Play game Dragon Hills. Proper Introduction Dragon Hills is an endless-runner style game from Rebel Twins that allows you take control of a raging dragon in […]

Save 20% on all dbrand skins, including the new Black Dragon option, today only

Celebrating the launch of its new Black Dragon skin, dbrand is offering 20% off all skins for one day!

Today is your chance to save 20% on any dbrand skin, and any order over $ 20 qualifies for free shipping anywhere in the world. Whether you are looking for a skin (like the awesome new Black Dragon option) for your new phone, tablet, laptop or even gaming console, you’ll want to check out the awesome selection from  [Read More…]

Oculus Rift transported us to different worlds in Damaged Core and Dragon Front

We’re still in the early days of VR, but two games from High Voltage Software are set to break new (virtual) ground.

High Voltage Software has been around for over 20 years and has had to evolve with the latest and greatest in gaming trends. Now that VR is here, the company has a few games slated to hit the Oculus Rift soon, and boy are they impressive! Each game is in a different genre, but  [Read More…]

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle hosts boss event with tons of giveaways

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, the fighting game based upon the animated series, is hosting a boss event that enters you a chance to win some pretty cool prizes just for playing. Those who participate will be in the running for multiple giveaways, including free daily bonuses, training support and awakening items and more. For simply logging in each day, players can get up to fifteen Dragon Stones and three million Zeni for free.

  [Read More…]

Nuance’s Dragon Anywhere hopes to take mobile dictation to the next level

Nuance has announced a new, cloud-powered mobile version of its popular Dragon voice dicatation app. Called Dragon Anywhere, the app offers continuous dictation, syncing with various cloud services, and sync between your phone, tablet, and desktop.