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Android P will feature a ‘dramatic redesign’ and support notch displays

The new software is currently being referred to as Android Pistachio Ice Cream.

In less than three months, Google will take the stage at its Mountain View campus in California for its annual I/O developer conference. One of the things we’re expecting Google to announce at this year’s I/O is Android P / 9.0, and a new report from Bloomberg sheds some light on what we could expect from the latest update.

To not much surprise, Android  [Read More…]

10 dramatic abstract wallpapers to showcase on your homescreen

We have all been there, at an art show surrounded by marvelous works of art, only to stumble upon an abstract piece and having to pretend that we know what it’s supposed to represent. Then quickly moving on before other realize that we are not as cultured as we previously though. No, never had that happen to you? Yeah…me neither…

Well, even if that has never occurred to you, I am sure we can all agree that abstract art  [Read More…]