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Learn the fundamentals of drawing for just $39!

Did you use to draw and doodle for fun back in your school days? Have you been told you’re very artistic but never had the time or funds to fully pursue art school? Maybe drawing is a skill you’ve always admired but never thought it was something you could too, or maybe you know someone who has the natural talent that just needs some extra guidance to take their art to the next level. Stop second guessing and doubting yourself  [Read More…]

Save 50% on the Bosto 13HD Drawing Tablet for a limited time (Promoted)

Graphic design is becoming more and more popular, leaving folks to look for a reliable tablet. These tablets, such as Wacom or Bosto, provide quick and easy access wherever you take them.

For those interested, TomTop is running a special promotion on the Bosto 13HD. Normally priced at $ 599, you can save 50% and get this graphics tablet for just $ 249.99 with free shipping.

Bosto 13HD Specs 13-inch Display (1920 x 1080) 8 Programmable Buttons USB 3.0 700:1 Contrast Ratio 2048  [Read More…]

TopTop is selling the Bosto 13-inch Drawing Tablet for just $269.99 (Promoted)

Online retailer TomTop is back again with a great deal. This time it’s shaving 49% off the Bosto 13-inch Drawing Tablet.

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Zinga Jump should jump back to the drawing board (Review)

Overview: Zinga Jump is a simple platforming game where you collect coins while running to the end of the stage avoiding obstacles along the way. Developer: Apps Freax Cost: free (with ads and micro-transactions) Impressions: Zinga Jump is another game that hearkens back to the old days of mobile gaming, where you didn’t need as

We’re drawing a line in the sand on devices launching with Lollipop

There are very few reasons for a new phone or tablet to launch with less than Android 6.0 Marshmallow at this point — and fewer reasons for you to buy them.

Things that make sense to those of us who pound keyboards for a living — as well as you on the real-world side of things — don’t always make sense to the folks in charge of actually getting new phones and tablets out the door. So let us be  [Read More…]

Glen Keane drawing in virtual space through the HTC Vive is amazing

We’ve talked a lot about our collective experiences through early versions of the HTC Vive here at Android Central, and to say this tech and its current applications are mind-blowing is something of an understatement. It really is one of those things that need to be tried in order to be fully understood and appreciated, and even then it’s important to remember we’re only scratching the surface of what this technology is capable of.

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Sprint starts drawing customers back, but makes a loss of $20 million

Sprint has released its financial report for the first fiscal quarter, posting a net positive in subscriber addition, as well as hitting the lowest churn rate in the company’s history. While Sprint has managed to start turning things around, it’s unfortunately not enough to compete against T-Mobile.

Microsoft keyboard for Android Wear allows for letter drawing

For those of you that like the idea of physically typing on your smartwatch, or are often in situations where you can’t speak into your Android Wear, then Microsoft has a solution. On Friday Microsoft released an Analog Keyboard for Android Wear where you draw on the screen to type anything from letters to special… Read more »

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HTC Scribble drawing app doodles its way onto the HTC One M8

HTC has released HTC Scribble for the HTC One M8. Scribble was originally available on last years HTC One Max. Scribble lets you capture your thoughts by creating and editing notes and drawing sketches. You can also add photos and animated GIFs. You can create several types of notes by choosing from a number of HTC’s templates.

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AnDevCon drawing near with a wealth of Android app knowledge on tap


The second-annual AnDevCon is just a few short weeks away in San Francisco. And you’ve not yet registered, you’ve got until Oct. 21 to save $ 200 off total for the three-day passport and pre-conference workshops.

What’s on tap at AnDevCon, you ask? How about a keynote address from Google’s Chet Haase and Romain Guy? Or American Express’ David Baldie and Andrew Peret. Or Motorola’s Ruth Hennigar. Or Amazon’s Sam Gigliotti. Or HTCDev’s Dario Laverde  [Read More…]