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Google will now help you find the perfect dress right from the search bar

You’ll also be able to see a review rating for each item.

What you need to know Google wants to help online shoppers deal with the plethora of choices they have by aggregating products from different sites in one place. A new ‘popular products’ section in search results will now list the most successful clothing items across the web. The inline widget also includes options for filtering results and includes reviews scraped from the different stores carrying  [Read More…]

Dress up real nice with The Division 2’s new Explorers apparel event

Get some sweet new outfits in The Division 2 as we wait for the next big update.

What you need to know Title Update 5.2 is rolling out today. Adds new apparel sets, including one that looks like an astronaut. A series of fixes also included for PC and console.

As agents wait oh so (im)patiently for Title Update 6 and Episode 2 to arrive — both are slated for October — there’s a new, smaller update  [Read More…]