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The 1More triple driver Bluetooth headphones are on sale for $99

Everyone should be Bluetooth by now.

The 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth in-ear headphones are down to $ 98.88 on Amazon. These same headphones usually go for $ 150 and are sitting at that price at Best Buy. This is one of the lowest prices we’ve seen.

The headphones use a high-resolution Bluetooth chip with AAC transmission optimized for iOS devices. You’ll be able to get higher-quality wireless audio that takes up less space. The two balanced armatures  [Read More…]

Save 25% on 1More Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones

As great as our smartphones tend to be they often don’t come with decent headphones. Heck, some models font even include headphones or earphones in the box. If you’re at all serious about your music, you’ll want to get something worthwhile. Perhaps something like the 1More Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones.

As our Deal of the Day, these headphones have been expertly tuned by a Grammy-winning sound engineer. Moreover, they’re the first of their kind to be be THX Certified. They’re extremely  [Read More…]

Is Android P Beta 2 safe to use as a daily driver?


Google announced the first Android P Developer Preview build back in March for the Pixels, and at I/O the company expanded the beta program to include devices from seven third-party manufacturers while rolling out Developer Preview 2.

DP2 was the first Android P public beta build (with DP1 considered the alpha build), and earlier this month Google rolled out DP3, the second beta build. DP3 is an important build as it includes final APIs and the  [Read More…]

Fiio F9 Pro In-Ear Headphones Review – Triple driver on the cheap

Fiio, the maker of some of the best affordable audio players, is expanding to headphones. The F9 Pro in-ears is currently the company’s flagship, and we’re taking a look if it can pass the same excellence that we’ve seen in Fiio’s other devices.

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Save 25% on 1More Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones

The first headphones to receive THX certification, the 1More have been expertly tuned by a Grammy-winning sound engineer. Highly rated across the board, we’re offering them for just $ 149.99 right now.

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BlackBerry KEYone one-week challenge: Can it be a daily driver?

The KEYone isn’t just another Android phone; it’s a BlackBerry lover’s dream phone and, for many younger people, a completely new way to input text on a phone. That’s why we tasked our newest reviewer, Jacklyn Dallas, with using the KEYone for a week as her daily driver to see how it stacked up. Her results were… interesting.

Follow Jacklyn as she explores the BlackBerry KEYone from unboxing to uncovering all of its nuances! And then go say hi  [Read More…]

Life360 rolls out Driver Protect subscription service

Life360 recently launched the Life360 Driver Protect program, a subscription-based service that allows families to be notified of car accidents through Automatic Crash Detection technology within the app. Family members also can receive information on driving habits, including speed, distances, locations and even cell phone usage during a trip. Life360 is one of the leaders

Friday’s best tech deals: Dual driver earbuds $8, Bluetooth waterproof speaker $12

Happy Friday! Dual driver earbuds for just $ 7.99! The MPOW wired headphones are well reviewed and with dual drivers they should sound well worth the $ 8 price tag. You can also pick up a Bluetooth speaker for just $ 11.99 too. The cost of accessories has dropped to highly affordable prices and should fit almost all

iFixit 64 Bit Driver Kit only $34.95

Are you a teardown specialist? Do you like to take apart your electronic gadgets and gizmos to see what’s going on under the hood? Maybe your device is broken and you’re looking to save some coin and fix it yourself. Perhaps you’re just curious about what’s happening behind those weird screws. Today’s special is exactly

Waze partners with Lyft for driver directions, unveils new Transport SDK

Waze has announced a new Transport SDK that will allow partners to build-in features from Waze directly into their own apps. With the SDK, partners have access to Waze’s crowd-sourced traffic data for more optimized routes, users of things like ride-sharing services, for instance, should see shorter wait times for rides.

Speaking of ride-sharing services, Lyft is one of the initial partners for the Transport SDK. In a blog post, the company detailed what Waze  [Read More…]