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HTC just had its biggest drop in sales in more than two years

Sales fell by 62% this past June.

It’s no secret that HTC has been struggling for quite some time, but the past few days have been particularly brutal on the company. On July 6, the Taiwan-based OEM announced that its sales for June have fallen by a whopping 62%.

That drop in sales is the biggest HTC’s seen in over two years, with the exact number being $ 2.2 billion NT compared to $ 6.9 billion NT  [Read More…]

Price drop! Lifetime subscription of Windscribe VPN now just $59

Let’s be honest. You need to take your online security seriously with the ever growing amount of cyber theft and hacking that goes on every second. With each day that passes, it only gets worse. Don’t wait until it happens; be proactive and take measures to ensure you keep all of your information private.


We have a great deal that just got better, and it’s one you should strongly consider. For just $ 59, you can get a full  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S10 may drop iris scanner in favor of in-display fingerprint reader

At some point early next year, Samsung is probably going to launch the Galaxy S10. The rumor mill hasn’t really ramped up the discussion on what Samsung may launch in 2019, but it looks like we may be getting our feet wet.

According to a report from the Korean news outlet The Bell, Samsung is working on the Galaxy S10, and it may nof include an iris scanning feature. Instead, Samsung may be planning to use an in-display fingerprint reader that  [Read More…]

The Samsung Galaxy S8 just got a major price drop on B&H Photo

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is not only one of the best phones of 2017, it’s one of the best phones ever made. The simply gorgeous Infinity Display covers almost the entire front of the phone while the premium metal and glass on the back and sides of the phone make it feel as premium as […]

PRICE DROP: Motorola Z Droid, Z Force Droid discounted by 50% until February 20

Verizon and Motorola have dropped the price of the Moto Z Droid and Z Force Droid as part of a Valentine’s Day promotion. Starting immediately, and running through February 20, customers can purchase the two phones for half of their normal costs. The Moto Z Droid shakes out to $ 13 per month over 24 months

[Price Drop] Pick up the unlocked Ulefone U008 Pro for $59.99

On the hunt for an unlocked phone and don’t want to spend that much money? How would you like to get your hands on one that only runs $ 59.99? Ulefone has launched a new promotion which sees its U008 Pro being offered at only $ 60, a savings of some $ 40 off the normal price. Typically listed

Drop Dead is the golden standard for FPS games on Gear VR!

This is what the Gear VR was missing.

Good shooters in VR are hard to come by, for a couple of reasons. First, unless you have motion controllers, it’s usually not as immersive. Second, running around in the less capable phone-based VR is usually a good way to become ill. Most of the time you find stationary shooters in mobile VR, and while that’s fun for a while it’s usually pretty repetitive. The folks at Pixel  [Read More…]

Newton Drop Dash!: Watch out for that… Bird (Review)

Developer: AshCorp Category: Games  Price: Free w/ads How to Play In Newton Drop Dash!, you are an apple trying to get to the bottom and hit Newton on the head so he can discover gravity. There are three lanes, and one or more will be open for you to move through. Alternatively, one or two

Acer’s new enterprise-focused Chromebook 14 can survive a drop — and a spill

Acer’s latest Chromebook can withstand a lot more than a regular laptop, but the price is still the thing here.

It was less than a month ago that Acer unveiled its latest Chromebook, a machine that, for $ 299, packs a considerable amount of technology into its metal frame.

Now, Acer is back with an enterprise-grade variant of that same machine, dubbed Chromebook 14 for Work. Not only is it the company’s first laptop to be  [Read More…]

Gmail’s ‘mic drop’ pulled as minion GIFs infiltrate work emails

It’s all fun and games until a GIF loses you your job.

Perhaps Google should’ve seen this one coming. For April Fools Day, that annual celebration of brand desperation, Google’s Gmail team debuted the “Mic Drop” feature. A bright orange button next to the regular send button would let you send your message and attach a little GIF of a minion dropping the mic.

Hilarious! Except when you don’t see the pop-up  [Read More…]