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Price Drop! Get three years of Windscribe VPN Pro for just $59.99

You need to take your online security more seriously. With the ever growing amount of cyber theft and hacking that goes on every second, and the exploits getting more malicious, it’s a scary time. With each day that passes, it only gets worse. Don’t wait until it happens; be proactive and take measures to ensure you keep all of your information private.

Are you ready?

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Drop your Note 10+ over and over with the Tech21 Evo Check case

This Designed for Samsung case can protect your phone from threats big and microscopic.

The days when those looking to protect their phone needed to turn to hulking multi-layer tanks is long over, and even with a phone as big and heavy as the Galaxy Note 10+, you can find impressive drop protection in a case that’s not only lightweight but translucent, allowing that distinct Samsung styling to shine through.

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Watch the iPhone 11 take on the Galaxy Note 10 in latest drop test

What you need to know Phonebuff has released a new video drop testing the new iPhone 11 Pro Max This video pits the new iPhone against the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ The results vary, depending on the location of impact

Will Apple or Samsung’s flagship be the drop test king?

There have already been quite a few drop test videos of the iPhone 11 Pro Max by itself, so naturally the next move was to match it  [Read More…]

A heavy-duty case for your Note 10 can help with a drop tragedy

The Galaxy Note 10 is the smaller of the two Note phones that Samsung released in 2019, and because of that it’s that more pocket friendly than the Note 10+. That also means you’ve got a bit more pocket space to keep it protected with a heavy-duty case because a cracked screen or glass back is never a good look for a new phone.

Multilayered protection SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro

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Best PUBG Mobile drop locations and survival tips for Erangel

PUBG Mobile is the massively popular 100-player Battle Royale shooter with more than 10 million daily active users. That means you’re always able to jump into a match at any time of day. With such a ridiculous number of people in the game and every match playing out in a unique fashion, to actually win on a consistent basis will require the knowledge, experience, and map strategy to set yourself up for a victory. Erangel is the OG  [Read More…]

What happens if I drop my Oculus Quest controller?

Best answer: The Oculus Quest Touch Controllers aren’t as durable as previous models. There seems to be a particular weak point on the sensor ring. If you drop one or punch a wall while playing a game, there’s a chance you’ll crack it.

Controlling the left: Oculus Touch Left-hand Controller ($ 69 at Oculus) Controlling the right: Oculus Touch Right-hand Controller ($ 69 at Oculus) Not as durable

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PRICE DROP: Learn Python, Java, Google Go, and more, just $25

There’s no time like the present to tackle a new hobby or head off on a new career path. It’s important to do something you enjoy, and for some people, this means creating and tinkering, or coding.

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Price Drop! Machine learning and data science training bundle just $35

The beauty of the internet is you almost have virtual access to any information you want at the tips of your fingers. The days of education being offered solely at physical locations are far behind us

Machine Learning is the science of getting computers to act without being given specific programming commands; it’s used to harvest info and determine output. You’ll find machine learning in places like search engines, online ad spaces, and spam filters.

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Trump ban could cause Huawei’s smartphone shipments to drop 60% this year

The company may not be able to beat Samsung anytime soon.

What you need to know Huawei is expecting smartphone shipments in overseas markets to drop by up to 60% this year. Sales and marketing managers at Huawei believe international shipments may drop in volumes between 40 million to 60 million. The recently launched Honor 20 may be discontinued if sales are below expectations.

Shortly after Huawei was put on the Entity list by the Trump administration,  [Read More…]

Prevent the Drop is more than a tagline for the Grip2ü Slim case

Prevention is key for this silicone-strapped case that aims to keep your phone from ever slipping out of your hands.

I’ve been saying it for two years now, and I’m going to continue to say it: a phone grip is an essential smartphone accessory and the benefits for your hands are even better than the benefits for your phone. While PopSockets, Style Rings, GrabTabs and countless other third-party stick-on grips flood the market, cases with grips built  [Read More…]