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Honor 7 price drops to just £210 at Amazon UK, but you could win one for free

Honor has dropped the price of the Honor 7 in the UK at Amazon. You’ll be able to purchase the smartphone for just £210, but the company is also giving two units away for free in a Twitter competition. So whether you’re looking to pick up a new smartphone, or simply wish to try your luck at winning one for free, you’ll definitely want to check out Honor’s promotion.

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Amazon drops the View-Master VR Starter Kit to just under $20

Amazon is currently running a pretty good deal on Mattel’s Google Cardboard-based View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack, dropping the already affordable kit to $ 19.97.

First-gen Moto 360 drops to just $99 at Google Store

The original Moto 360 has had yet another price drop on the Google Store, dropping it down to just $ 99 with free shipping. While Motorola has already released a newer version, the Moto 360 2015, that doesn’t make this any less of a deal. For just $ 99 you can grab a back up watch, one for the kids, or even your first smartwatch.

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Sony’s Xperia Z5 Premium only renders media in 4K, drops the rest to 1080p for increased battery life

Sony’s upcoming flagship, the Xperia Z5 Premium boasts a 4K display, but new information from Sony has confirmed that not everything will be displayed at that resolution. Instead of displaying everything at 4K, Sony has made the decision to only render media, such as pictures, video etc in 4K, and the rest in 1080p.

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Amazon drops the Fire Phone pricing to $130, but you likely still aren’t interested

Amazon’s Fire Phone never took off as the company had hoped, but that has yet to stop the retail giant from attempting to entice buyers with it still. The latest attempt drops the price down to just $ 130, with free shipping. Considering the Fire Phone comes with a free year of Amazon Prime, a $ 99 value, the company is basically selling the phone for just $ 30.

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Three UK drops contract pricing for Honor 6+, you can now buy one for £20 a month

Honor and Three UK have announced revamped pricing for the Honor 6+, listing the smartphone on tariffs from just £20 (previously £24) a month. If you’d rather pick up the Honor flagship without a plan, it’s still priced at £299.99.

NVIDIA Shield Portable Android 5.1 update adds Chromecast support, drops Miracast and some games

NVIDIA is pushing out an update to its Shield Portable, which brings along with it Android 5.1, and Chromecast support. Unfortunately, while bringing some new features along with it, this update also removes support for Miracast, Sonic 4, the Android Browser, and more.

ASUS ZenWatch drops to $129 on the Google Store, includes free shipping

Google has dropped the price of the ASUS ZenWatch on its own store to $ 129 with free shipping, a savings of $ 70. While ASUS has announced the ZenWatch 2 already, that doesn’t make the original any less capable of a smartwatch. The ZenWatch has already received its Android 5.1.1 update, bringing with it a number of new features.

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T-Mobile drops the price of the LG G4

For those who are in the market for a new phone, and have been looking at the LG G4, we have some good news for you. T-Mobile has lowered the full retail price of the G4 from $ 600 to $ 480. Combine this with the free accessory promotion, and you can save quite a bit of money by grabbing a G4 from Big Magenta.

LG G4 | SpecOut

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Nexus 6 drops to $399 for a limited time thanks to Amazon’s Prime Day

The latest deal to hit Amazon’s Prime Day is a $ 100 savings on the 32GB Nexus 6, dropping the price down to only $ 399. This deal is only good for the 32GB midnight blue Nexus 6, and supplies are likely to be quite limited. If it is anything like any of the other Amazon Prime Day deals, you will want to act very quickly.

Purchase the Nexus 6 from Amazon for $ 399

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