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Comcast drops $45 billion merger deal with Time Warner Cable

Following yesterday’s report, Comcast has pulled out of talks to merge with rival Time Warner Cable, announcing today the company has terminated all agreements. The deal is off.

Comcast originally announced the deal to merge with TWC back in 2014, which was valued at $ 45.2 billion in stock. The merge was met with criticism from not only the general public but government officials (namely the FCC) too. Today, the merge finally caved in, with Comcast  [Read More…]

Microsoft drops the preview tag from its Outlook for Android app

Microsoft has removed the preview tag from the company’s Outlook app for Android. This latest release also bundles minor improvements to bolster the official email offering from Redmond.

Samsung drops even more Galaxy S6 teasers — are you not teased?

With a week to go before its latest flagship — the Galaxy S6 — is officially announced, Samsung is giving us a few more glimpses into the next big Galaxy thing.

If there as every any doubt that we’re going to see more metal in the Galaxy S6, Samsung’s latest teaser pretty much puts that to rest. “Tomorrow, metals will flow,” the latest video croons. “Beauty will be powerful. Borders will disappear.  [Read More…]

Nokia updates HERE Maps for Android with new features and drops the ‘beta’ label

Nokia has not only launched a big update for its HERE maps app for Android in the Google Play Store, it’s also ditching the ‘beta’ label as it feels the app is “mature and stable enough to stand as a full production release.” The update also brings a number of new features and improvements.

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Verizon Moto X (2013) 32GB Developer Edition drops to just $199.99 on Amazon

We stand at the nexus of affordability, openness, Motorola, and Verizon: the 32GB Moto X (2013) Developer Edition has dropped to a mere $ 199.99 sans-contract on Verizon, at least when purchased through Amazon. This is last year’s model of the Moto X, but it’s still no slouch. For your two Benjamins you get a compact and ergonomic phone that supports Big Red’s LTE, plus it comes with an unlocked bootloader.

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KitKat now running on one-third of active devices, Jelly Bean share drops under 50 percent

Google has released its monthly report on what version of Android active devices are running, showing small movements across the board. KitKat has passed the milestone of now running on one-third of all active devices, with 33.9 percent total share, up from 30.2 last month. Jelly Bean collectively has dropped under the 50 percent mark to 48.7, down from 50.8 last month.

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HTC drops RE camera app on Google Play ahead of launch

HTC has dropped its RE camera app on Google Play today. The RE app will work with the RE camera, acting as both a viewfinder and content browser for the device. In addition, the app will also serve as a hub for easily uploading your favorite pictures and videos to a social network of your choice.

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Acer’s 13-inch Chromebook drops to $250 on Amazon today

If you’re looking to get a modern Chromebook on the cheap, Acer’s Chromebook 13 is 17% off today on Amazon, so long as you’re okay with the lower-end model. That discount knocks $ 51 off the price of the Acer Chromebook 13 with 2GB of RAM and 16GB flash storage, bringing it down to a palatable $ 249.

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Google drops new video explaining how Ingress works

Google’s global augmented reality game Ingress has a new video to help you better understand it. Ingress is GPS-based game that’s all about urban exploration as you fight for control of ‘portals’. Check out the video to learn more about this game available on Android and iOS.

Sega drops Super Monkey Ball Bounce on Android

Super Monkey Ball Bounce is now available to play on Android. This is the latest mobile game in the popular Super Monkey Ball franchise from Sega. Today’s new game brings 119 levels and six unique worlds to your Android handset. Like games like Peggle? Then you might want to check out Super Monkey Ball Bounce.

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