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T-Mobile responds to Verizon’s unlimited plan by rolling back its dumbest changes

T-Mobile has seen Verizon’s unlimited, and raised it unlimited and one.

When T-Mobile introduced its T-Mobile One plan last year, the internet was divided between people who thought the ostensibly unlimited data was a courageous move for a cash-strapped carrier with a patchy LTE network and those who saw it for a violation of the tenets of net neutrality.

6/ Starting Fri, #TMobileONE price includes HD video & 10GB high-speed 📱hotspot data –all at no  [Read More…]

The dumbest stuff we found at CES 2017

It can’t all be good at CES, and these products … definitely weren’t.

There was a lot of great stuff at CES 2017. This stuff, however, was not on that list. From vibrating jeans to a smart shower, we could do without this stuff today, tomorrow, and forever.

Tinder VR

Tinder thought it’d be a good idea to use CES as a means to make a statement about how technology reduces our ability to make  [Read More…]

Stupid Market Comments: Highlighting the dumbest, funniest people with Android phones

The Android Market is home to some foolish, misinformed, and down-right nasty comments. We’ve tried to stem the tide by providing suggestions for etiquette, but the flow of head-scratching reviews continues unabated. Thanks to recent changes made to the Android Market, you can help highlight questionable comments and educate – or at least entertain – your fellow Android users.

Stupid Market Comments is a  [Read More…]