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What is Google Duplex?

What you need to know about Google Duplex, a new smart way for Assistant to be more like an assistant.

At Google I/O 2018 we saw a demo of Google’s latest new cool thing, Duplex. The 60-foot screen onstage showed what looks just like your Google Assistant app with a line-by-line playback of Assistant making a phone call to a hairdresser and setting up an appointment, complete with the pauses, the ummms and ahhhs, and the rest  [Read More…]

I’m ecstatic to live in a Google Duplex world

Step aside, Hal.

By now, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about Google Duplex. During its annual I/O developer conference on May 8, Google debuted its Duplex technology by showing it calling a hair salon and restaurant to make an appointment and reservation on someone’s behalf.

In both instances, the AI was able to have a natural conversation with the human on the other end, understand what they were saying, and get everything booked just like  [Read More…]

Google Duplex will let people know it’s not human

Duplex will have “disclosure built-in.”

Google Duplex undeniably stole the show at this year’s I/O, but while plenty of people were thrilled to see the new technology, others were troubled by what they saw.

During I/O’s opening keynote, Google showed its Duplex system calling a hair salon and restaurant to make an appointment and reservation. Duplex spoke with the human on the other end of the call, filled the conversation with natural pauses/questions, and even said “uh”  [Read More…]