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Google makes it easier for devs to hide apps from rooted phone owners

Last week, Netflix made headlines due to its decision of blocking owners of rooted devices or those with unlocked bootloaders from downloading the application from the Google Play Store. Which seemed quite puzzling at the time, since the app could still be side-loaded and rendered functional on the said devices. But soon more developers might […]

Chrome for Android makes it easier to download a web page and read it offline

Saving a local copy of a web article just got better in Chrome for Android.

Did you know you can long press on a link in Chrome for Android and you have the option to save it so you can read it offline? If you said no, it’s probably because it was one of those features nobody mentions and is mostly hidden. Google is changing that in the newest version of Chrome for Android.

Last year, we  [Read More…]

Google makes it easier for Indian users to get started with Maps

Google is making it easier for Indian customers to get started with Maps.

Google Maps users in India are getting a new home screen that will make it easier for them to get started with the service. The home screen will include a quick action bar at the bottom of the page that pulls up a direction pane with commonly used modes of transportation — driving, public transit, walking, and ride-sharing services. Users will also be able to switch  [Read More…]

Hacking your Chromebook is fun and easier than you think

It’s easy to make your Chromebook more than the sum of its parts.

Update April 26: This post was updated to make sure the information is current and the links were working!

A Chromebook can be a great purchase even if you never step outside of Google’s trusted environment. They are some of the best web machines ever built, require almost no software maintenance, and come in a myriad of different styles and price points. We  [Read More…]

Google’s latest update for PhotoScan makes it easier to share the nostalgia

This is also a friendly reminder that Google PhotoScan exists and it’s worth using — just in case.

Remember PhotoScan? The app that lets you save digital copies of your printed photos to Google Photos? It’s a neat way to store those old photographs, loose Polaroids, and school pictures in the cloud — just in case. Google has announced it’s pushing out an update to the service. With it comes two new  [Read More…]

It will soon be able easier to discover new games in the Google Play Store

If you like playing games on your mobile phone, but you also like to go beyond super mainstream titles like Pokemon Go, then we have some good news for you. Present the Game Developer Conference 2017 in San Francisco, Google announced a change to its algorithms which will result in games being displayed based on […]

Chromebooks are now much easier to use for people with visual impairments

Chrome’s screen reader is updated to help your Chromebook work even better with a braille display.

ChromeVox, the default screen reader service on your Chromebook, got a hefty update with the latest version of Chrome OS.

There are almost 300 million people with impaired vision in the world and using the tech we take for granted every day can be a challenge for many. A big part of putting information into them and getting information from them  [Read More…]

Facebook makes it easier to help your neighbors during a crisis

Facebook wants you to reach out, or be easier to find, in times of a crisis.

Facebook is rolling out an update to its Safety Check platform that leverages the huge numbers of people and data in its database to make it easier to actual give people help.

Called Community Help, the feature is “available for natural and accidental incidents, such as an earthquake or building fire,” and is “starting in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand,  [Read More…]

Google is making it easier to see the original URL from an AMP search result

A new feature makes it easier to make sure the page you’re seeing from an AMP search result is legit and lets you share the “real” URL with others.

AMP pages are great. They are designed to help us find what we’re looking for when we’re mobile and point us towards search results that are easy to read because they were designed for a smaller screen and touch-based navigation. So many people use their phones to get  [Read More…]

Changing your launcher is easier than you think [How-To]

In case you are not aware, a launcher is essentially the “desktop” on your phone. Every phone comes with a launcher; Samsung, for example, uses their own TouchWiz launcher. If you read around the internet everyone has their own opinion about which launcher is the best, but that isn’t why we are here. The good […]