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The Galaxy Z Flip is ‘slightly’ easier to repair than the Motorola RAZR

The RAZR had received a repairability score of just 1 out of 10 from iFixit last week.

What you need to know iFixit has posted a teardown video of Samsung’s foldable Galaxy Z Flip. The teardown has revealed that the phone’s “fiber shield” doesn’t do a great job of keeping dust from getting inside. iFixit also found that the phone offers some level of water resistance and is slightly easier to repair than Motorola’s RAZR.

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Traveling will be so much easier with these awesome accessories

The amazing advancement in personal technology has changed every aspect of the way we travel. Having the right accessories on hand when you head out, whether it’s for a weekend trip or a month-long adventure, is critical. Android Central is full of road warriors, and that means we’re constantly in search of the best travel accessories — and the gear we recommend here is the same that’s in our bags each time we leave the house.

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Google has a new web app that makes flashing updates easier than ever

All you need is a browser and a Pixel.

What you need to know Google has just made it easy for developers to try out the newest Android builds on their phones with the new Android Flash Tool. It runs with a simple web-app in Chrome on all desktop platforms. You’ll need a Pixel 2 or later to take advantage of this.

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YouTube now lets you filter your subscriptions for easier content discovery

First on iOS, then Android later.

What you need to know Google will add filters to its YouTube app, letting users now tab between select categories on its subscription page. These new filters are coming to iOS first, and then Android soon after. Google first introduced content filters on the homepage.

If you’re anything like me, your YouTube subscription tab is chockfull of half-watched videos sandwiched between a torrent of new content pushed by YouTubers. It can  [Read More…]

The new Eero mesh system is cheaper and easier to set up than ever

Eero is no stranger to the mesh router space. Its original mesh system, released in 2016, was one of the first to combine small, stylish design with an easy-to-use app that made home networking far less daunting — though it came with a hefty price tag that made it hard to recommend over similar options like Google Wifi.

A subsequent second-gen model later arrived with simpler Beacon access points that plugged straight into your AC outlets, but at  [Read More…]

Google wants to make navigation in Chrome easier with new UI for tab groups

The change is supposed to make tab grouping work better with the larger ‘Duet’ redesign for the browser.

What you need to know Google is looking to harmonize tab groups with a more extensive redesign of Chrome on Android. Tabs in the open tab group are currently displayed at the bottom of the screen. With the design in question, these would be moved to a floating bar above the tabs button.

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Google’s working to make package tracking much easier for you

The program is in early access right now.

What you need to know Google is experimenting with a new Package Tracking Early Access Program. It allows the company to show important tracking important from within the search engine. The Early Access program does require courier services to opt-in.

If you appreciate Google’s Assistant’s tidy little reminders of your incoming packages, you’ll be pleased to know that Google is looking to do something similar for its search engine.  [Read More…]

On-screen buttons make photo actions easier on Nest Hubs

Google is adding on-screen buttons to manage individual photos right on the screen of your Nest Hub.

What you need to know Previously, these options were possible by asking your Nest hub to perform the specific action. Hiding a photo will archive it in Google Photos. Some photos will also let you see other memories from that day.

Google’s Nest Hub lineup is a wonderful addition to a smart home for various techy reasons, with one of  [Read More…]

Google’s making it easier to move multimedia between smart speakers

Stream transfer is rolling out to Assistant-enabled gadgets right now.

What you need to know You can transfer audio from apps like YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, and more. Transfer video streams from YouTube from room to room with the new feature. Stream transfer is rolling out to all Google Assistant-enabled devices starting October 8.

Today, October 8, Google announced in a blog post a new feature called “stream transfer.” The feature will allow you to tell your  [Read More…]

Hulu is about to make its menus easier to read

Backgrounds and text will now have more contrast as part of a push for better accessibility.

Hulu has one of the more … creative and colorful schemes of the major streaming services. It’s also not always the easiest thing to read. Form and function at odds, as they ever were.

But that’s about to change a little bit. Hulu — as part of a push for better accessibility — is making the down-menu items less transparent. Which absolutely makes  [Read More…]