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Amazon Echo Input review: The easiest way to add Alexa everywhere

The Echo Input offers the most convenient way yet of adding Alexa smarts to an existing speaker or receiver.

Over the last five years Alexa has matured into a robust platform that supports thousands of devices and products. Alexa has a never-ending list of features that include everything from streaming music, controlling smart home products, providing weather and news briefings, and so much more. The most affordable way to get started with Alexa has always been the  [Read More…]

Tronsmart Titan Plus review: The easiest way to charge multiple devices at once

The Tronsmart Titan Plus delivers a total of 90W over five ports.

Tronsmart is a Chinese accessory vendor that primarily deals in charging solutions, with its Titan series being one of the more robust five-port desktop chargers around. The first-gen Titan made its debut over three years ago — offering Quick Charge 2.0 across five ports — and the brand has rolled out an updated variant dubbed the Tronsmart Titan Plus with faster charging speeds.

Tronsmart  [Read More…]

Xiaomi’s $80 Mi Smart Home kit is the easiest way to get started with home automation

The Mi Smart Home kit has everything you need to get started with home automation.

Alongside phones, robot vacuums, smart lights, and rice cookers, Xiaomi also makes home automation products. As is the case with the manufacturer’s other offerings, one of the main advantages with Xiaomi’s $ 80 Mi Smart Home automation kit is that it is inherently affordable. The kit comes with six components — a gateway that acts as a central hub, a smart wall  [Read More…]