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What’s the best cheap Echo – regular or Dot?

Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Best bang for the buck

$ 50 at Amazon

Pros Cheapest Echo Inconspicuous size Fully-functional Alexa device Cons While improved, sound quality not as good as larger versions Not as customizable as previous versions

The Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is the Echo to get for most people. Whether you’re just starting with your smart home or you are expanding your current setup, these affordable speakers can do pretty much anything.

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How to kid-proof your Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo and the Alexa smart assistant can provide virtually unlimited utility and fun for the whole family. However, there are certainly times when parents want to be able to control what their kids can and cannot do with these connected devices. We’ll show you how you can kid-proof your Amazon Echos and protect your youngsters from potential pitfalls.

Products used in this guide Kid-Friendly Echo: All-New Echo Dot Kids Edition ($ 70 at Amazon) Parental Controls:  [Read More…]

Make any Amazon Echo more kid-friendly with one setting

The Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition is a nifty little bundle, but if you have an old Echo speaker you’d like to give your child — or a spare Echo Dot 3rd gen you picked up in an Amazon bundle — then you can make it act just like a Kids Edition. It doesn’t require any extra hardware, and it’ll take you mere minutes to complete.

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Is the Amazon Echo Show 5 better than the Lenovo Smart Clock?

Choosing the right smart home display can be difficult since there are so many options to choose from. We’ve compared the Lenovo Smart Clock against the Echo Show 5 to see which is the better buy. We’ve discovered that the latter is definitely better.

Echo Show 5

Prime choice

$ 90 at Amazon

Pros Inexpensive Plays videos HD camera with camera cover Works with more smart devices Sunrise alarm Larger screen Cons Doesn’t look as nice  [Read More…]

Take control of your privacy with Alexa and the Amazon Echo

It seems that every day we learn about a new privacy scandal or data security lapse, and Amazon has certainly not been immune to such mishaps. One way that the company is trying to address these types of issues and allay public concern is through its Privacy Hub. Following is a brief description of what the Privacy Hub is, and how to use it.

How does Amazon address user privacy?

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Does the Amazon Echo Show 5 have a stand?

Best answer: Yes, Amazon offers an attractive and affordable first-party stand that tilts to easily showcase the excellent display on the new Echo Show 5. The stand attaches magnetically for easy assembly and removal.

Stand and deliver: Amazon Echo Show 5 Stand ($ 20 at Amazon) Traditional alternative: Kanto S2 Desktop Speaker Stand ($ 30 at Amazon) Showcase Alexa on your desk: Amazon Echo Show 5 ($ 90 at Amazon) Why do you need a stand for  [Read More…]

Can you stream video on the Amazon Echo Show 5?

Best answer: Yes, the Echo Show 5 allows you to enjoy various streaming video sources. You can stream video from Amazon Prime, or news from Reuters and NBC, using just voice commands. However, some other video services require a few extra steps to watch.

The new kid in town: Echo Show 5 ($ 90 at Amazon) Stream exclusive shows: Amazon Prime Video ($ 8 at Amazon) So how can I stream video on the Echo Show 5?  [Read More…]

Bring the beats with Amazon Echo Show 5

Best answer: Critics have described the Amazon Echo Show 5’s audio as “clear” and “booming” even at half volume, providing a higher quality audio experience than the previous Echo generation.

Expanded audio range: DOSS Bluetooth Soundbox ($ 35 at Amazon) What is the Echo Show 5?

It’s Amazon’s newest Alexa display that was released on June 26. It costs less and is more compact than the Echo Show (2nd Gen), but offers the same capabilities. For more  [Read More…]

Alexa, show me an awesome Echo Show and Smart Plug Prime Day combo

The Echo Show 5 comes with an Alexa smart plug for just $ 55 on Prime Day.

The Echo Show 5 is one sale during Prime Day for an incredible discount of just $ 50 and if you throw in a $ 5 Alexa Smart Plug, you can get the package for 52% off the full price.

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The Echo Show 5 is $50 for Prime Day which is an incredible steal

I’ve been a fan of smart displays since Lenovo Smart Display debuted, and I continue to use it because of its easy access to Google Assistant and, more importantly, its easy integration with Google Photos, which has become indispensable to me in recent years.

It’s for that reason that, while I’ve always liked them, I’ve never fallen in love with an Amazon Echo Show. That is, until recently, when I got a review unit of the Echo Show  [Read More…]