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Xiaomi just unveiled a super cheap Amazon Echo alternative

The expanding smart speaker market just got a new addition. Following the footsteps of companies like Amazon, Google or Apple, Xiaomi today unveiled its own AI-powered speaker baptized the Xiaomi Mi AI. And as it’s to be expected of Xiaomi products, it comes with a super affordable price tag and customers will be able to […]

HTC U11 adds Amazon Alexa support, turning it into a venerable portable Echo

HTC triples up on its artificial intelligence offering.

The HTC U11 launched in June with Google Assistant as its primary artificial intelligence service, though the promise was that at a later date we’d receive Amazon Alexa as a secondary choice. Now the time has come — with a new software update and an app install, you can use your U11 almost identically to the way you’d use an Amazon Echo sitting on your kitchen counter.

Alexa can  [Read More…]

Dark Echo: A thrilling, sound-only adventure (Review)

When you see the first games coming out for the Play Store, and compare it with the games we currently have, we can see how much more advanced they’ve become. Graphics, in particular, have come a long way if you analyze games that strive to look as realistic as possible. However, as we all know, […]

Amazon’s Echo 2 tipped to launch as an affordable Apple HomePod lookalike

Amazon recently introduced the Echo Show – its new take on the whole connected speaker concept – which is quite distinct compared to the original Echo model. While the Amazon Echo looks like a cylinder – tall and narrow – the Echo Show comes with a 7-inch touchscreen and is more rectangular in nature. Well, […]

Amazon Echo Show review: Alexa gets fancy

The quick take

Amazon adds a touchscreen and camera to a couple of decent speakers, giving us the best Echo yet for only $ 50 more than what the original Alexa device is selling for. Video calling is an easy-to-use (if still novel) feature, and Amazon’s paving the way for developers to make use of the 7-inch display. Now it just has to get them to update those thousands of skills to take advantage of it.

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Amazon now selling refurbished Echo for just $90

Another day, another deal on an Amazon Echo device.

Amazon is now offering a deep discount on the standard Echo. Refurbished versions of the Amazon Echo are now selling for $ 89.99, which is $ 75 off the normal price. This deal is available on both the black and white versions of the Echo.

Amazon’s Echo discount will only be offered today, July 8th, and it’s only available to Amazon Prime members. If you’re not a member of Amazon Prime,  [Read More…]

You’d be foolish not to buy a refurbished Echo for just $90 today

The Thrifter team is back again, this time bringing you the best deal you’ll find on a certified refurbished Amazon Echo!

If you’ve been eyeing the full-sized Echo and haven’t dropped the cash on one already, today’s the day. Leading up to Prime Day, Amazon has dropped the price on a certified refurbished Echo down to just $ 89.99 for today only, which is the lowest this powerful smart speaker has ever been. What makes the timing of this  [Read More…]

Amazon Echo Look: Can it help the fashion hopeless?

Can this sausage-like Amazon Echo make me a better (OK — decent) dresser? It really depends on what you give it to work with.

Fun fact: Everyone cares what they look like. Even those of us who don’t admit it at least take a passing interest in the clothes we wear. Maybe it’s just a couple seconds of “OK, I think this looks good.” Or maybe it’s a couple minutes standing in front of the closet in the  [Read More…]

Prime members can grab a certified refurbished Echo Dot for just $30

Team Thrifter is back again, this time bringing you the most affordable way to buy an Echo Dot.

If you’ve been eyeing the Echo Dot and haven’t taken the plunge already, today’s the day. Leading up to Prime Day, Amazon has dropped the price on a certified refurbished Echo Dot down to just $ 29.99 for today only, which is the lowest we’ve ever seen. What makes the timing of this deal even more important is that Amazon  [Read More…]

Amazon Echo vs. Dot vs. Tap vs. Show: Which should you buy?

Control your music and way more with Amazon’s line of Echo smart speakers.

The world of the connected home is still very much a disconnected mess. As Apple and Google each compete with their own standards — and other companies doing the same with their own — Amazon has quietly snuck in the side door with its smart, attractive, and intelligent speaker. Or, rather, speakers. After more than a year with just the Amazon Echo to lead the way,  [Read More…]