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Save $25 on this Galaxy S7 edge screen protector today!

Want to keep the screen of your Galaxy S7 edge easily protected? If so, Ventev’s Toughglass is a great additional layer to keep your display safe. The protector will also curve with your display, and right now you can grab one for $ 19.95, a savings of $ 25.

Chrome’s bleeding edge Canary channel makes its way to Android

Chrome is available in four builds: the Stable channel is the main public client, the Beta channel has a few bugs but gets new features roughly a month before the Stable build, and the Dev channel is for developers looking to test out the latest features. Then there’s the Canary channel, an untested build that gets updated every weekday with the latest codebase as soon as it’s built.

The Canary channel was limited to desktop versions of  [Read More…]

Samsung brings exclusive Galaxy Note7 feats to the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge

The Galaxy Note7 is dead and buried but that doesn’t mean Samsung is not trying to preserve its memory. According to some Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 owners writing on the xda-developers forum, Samsung is in the process of rolling out a software update meant to port some of the Note7’s exclusive features. The Korean

Grab a protective Galaxy S7 edge case for just $4.95 today!

If protecting your Galaxy S7 edge is top priority, this is the case for you. Amzer’s hybrid warrior offers two layers of protection for your phone, as well as a built-in kickstand for propping it up when not in use. Right now you can save $ 8 on the purchase, dropping the price to just $ 4.95.

Grab a Galaxy S6 edge+ case and holster for just $4.95 today!

Worried about your Galaxy S6 edge+ getting scratched up or broken but don’t want to put a huge case on it? If so, check out Amzer’s Shellster hard case for some great slim protection. The case also comes with a holster for keeping it safe on your hip, and right now you can the combo for $ 4.95!

Save $25 on this Galaxy S7 edge screen protector today!

Worried about the screen of your Galaxy S7 edge getting scratched up from daily use? If you want to keep it protected, Ventev’s Toughglass is a great addition to the phone. With its rounded edges, the screen protector can cover from edge to edge to prevent scratches and maybe even help in the event of a fall. Right now you can grab one for $ 19.95!

This clear case can protect your Galaxy S7 edge for just $16.95 today!

Want to keep your Galaxy S7 edge protected without hiding its beauty? If so, Case-Mate’s tough case may be a perfect choice. The case offers solid protection to the phone while remaining clear, and right now you can pick one up for just $ 16.95.

Save 50% on this protective Galaxy S7 edge case today!

Want a protective case for your Galaxy S7 edge that doesn’t look horrible? If so Seidio’s Surface series may be just what you are looking for. The case has two pieces that slide together to add protection, and the built-in kickstand will prop the phone up when you aren’t using it. Right now you can save 50%, dropping the price to just $ 14.95.

Save 50% on a replacement Galaxy Note Edge battery today!

Does your Galaxy Note Edge battery not last as long as it used to? If so, you may want to consider picking up a spare battery that you can swap in or carry as a backup. This will help you regain some of that missing battery life, and right now you can pick one up for just $ 14.95.

Today’s best tech deals and discount codes: Official Samsung S7 edge cases, portable projector and a $10 wireless speaker

  Happy Thursday! I love shortened work weeks when we come off a long holiday weekend. Just one more day until the weekend. Today there are a few fantastic deals on official Samsung cases for the S7 edge. If you’ve owned your S7 edge for a few months now, you might be looking to refresh