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Alexa now lets you create and edit playlists with Amazon Music

Amazon’s giving users added controls for staying within its walled-garden.

Whether you have an Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, or something from a third party, Amazon’s Alexa ecosystem of smart speakers is one of the best for listening to music. A lot of this is thanks to the wide array of streaming services that support Alexa, and now Amazon Music subscribers are gaining even more control over their tunes.

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Veer VR offers a solid new way to edit 360-degree videos

Editing your 360-degree videos is a breeze with VeeR VR Editor!

After you’ve gotten some excellent 360-degree videos, what you want is to share them with friends and family. If you want to make them look even better before anyone else gets eyes on them, then you’re going to want to look at a good video editing app. VeeR VR Editor was built to give you control over exactly how your videos look from within a headset.  [Read More…]

How to take, edit and share a screenshot on the OnePlus 5

Save and share with just a couple of steps.

Every company does its screenshot interface a little different, and this is one area where OnePlus deviates from the stock Android experience. Instead of simply giving you a screenshot that you can share, it now includes options to do a scrolling screenshot, edit your screenshot before sharing and more.

Here are all the tricks you need to know to take, edit and share screenshots on your OnePlus 5.

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How do you take and edit pictures with your phone? [Roundtable]

There’s more to taking a great pic that mashing the shutter button. Here’s how we do it.

Having a great camera on your phone is a must in 2017. Even so-called budget models phones have a decent camera, and the high-end devices from every company in the game can all take some awesome pictures.

But there’s usually more involved in taking a great pic than just tapping the shutter button. This week, we’re going around the table  [Read More…]

How to edit photos in Google Photos

Editing your photos is a breeze with Google Photos.

Google Photos offers your one stop shop for all things related to your phone’s photos. You have storage for all of your new snapshots, an easy way to share, and plenty more. What you might not have realized is that there is a handy suite of editing tools built directly into the app. When you want to make sure those picnic photos look as awesome as possible before  [Read More…]

How to edit the Air Command menu on the Galaxy Tab S3

The S Pen is already pretty great. You can make it even better by customizing its companion Air Command dock.

The S Pen is the Galaxy Tab S3’s most powerful trait. It features a clickable button that, when pressed while hovering the S Pen above the Tab S3’s display, brings up the Air Command dock. You can program this pop-up menu window with oft-used S Pen actions or shortcuts to your favorite stylus-compatible apps.

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Edit your pictures on the go with Google Photos [How-To]

Welcome back! Last week we showed you how to automatically backup your precious pictures. Today, we are going to show you how simple it is to use the Photos app to quickly edit those pictures before you share them with all your friends. Prerequisites: Before we can edit Photos, there are a few things that

Google Docs on the web now lets you edit and format with your voice

Google Docs users on the web can now do a little more without touching a keyboard thanks to the addition of voice editing and formatting. Voice typing was added to Google Docs on the web in late 2015, but the latest improvements mean that users can now dictate edits and formatting changes with specific commands as well.

After enabling voice typing in the tools menu, you can say commands like “copy” or “insert table” to do those things without  [Read More…]

Kodak now lets you edit, share, and print from its Moments app

Kodak has released an update for its Moments app, which now lets you share, edit, and print photos all from one location. No longer do you need a separate app to print using one of Kodak’s Picture Kiosks, instead you can do it from the same place that you just edited that new photo.

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Adobe Lightroom update makes it easier to find and edit your favorite image

Adobe has pushed out an update for Lightroom users that will make finding their favorite images even easier. Beyond just finding the images faster, you can now edit them easier, thanks to the redesigned experience for cropping images, as well as some other changes.