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This year you can buy the Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7, both shipped out with Microsoft apps pre-installed and now it seems like the “partnership” between the two companies will leave a mark on the Galaxy S8 too. Microsoft just announced it is taking pre-orders for the Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition starting today from Microsoft retail stores across the […]

Casio enters the Android Wear 2.0 game with a limited edition rugged smartwatch

Android Wear 2.0 was launched last month and it already made it on plenty of new models. Just in recent days we told you about the Guess Connect and Montblanc Sumit and now Casio has announced it is joining the Android Wear 2.0 family. Remember the Casio WSD-F20 which was unveiled at CES 2017? Well […]

OnePluse 3T Colette Edition launches in custom black color and blue box

If you were hoping for a blue OnePlus 3T, we’ll have to burst your bubble. After intensive teasing, the Chinese company announced it was partnering up with fashion boutique Colette which coincidentally is celebrating 20 years of existence. But instead of birthing a blue OnePlus 3T, this partnership produced an all-black handset instead. It’s a […]

OnePlus 3T colette edition arrives in all black, only 250 made for €479

It’s the same phone you know, now in dramatically limited quantity.

We’re all familiar with stock shortages when it comes to OnePlus phones, but this new collaboration is seriously exclusive. OnePlus has partnered with world-renowed boutique colette to create a special OnePlus 3T colette edition, which is matte black and with 128GB storage and a subtle “colette” engraving on the back.

The phones will also come with OnePlus Bullets headphones, a $ 20 set that are a  [Read More…]

Android 7.0 Nougat coming to Moto Z Play Droid Edition

Your days of waiting are over — multi-window multitasking, direct replies in the notification shade, and data saver functionality are now available for your modular device.

Faithful Moto Z Play Droid Edition users — say that in one breath! — your loyalty has been rewarded. Verizon has revealed that it’s seeded the update for Android 7.0 Nougat to your modular devices.

The Moto Z Play Droid can now take advantage of features like multi-window multitasking in both  [Read More…]

Nokia 3310 (2017 edition) details leak, here’s what to expect

Earlier this month, we told you that Nokia might be looking to introduce a Nokia 3310 homage, alongside a few middle-range smartphones and (probably) wearables at MWC 2017. While the previous report didn’t disclose much about the new Nokia 3310, today we’re able to bring you more info about the device. If you were hoping […]

Best selfie drones to take that unique self-portrait with [2017 Edition]

The selfie phenomenon has become deeply embedded in our culture. Everyone is doing it, from celebrities at the Oscars to kids and grandparents and even the folks at White House is getting in on the action. Taking selfies with your smartphone has become the social norm, but what if you want do to things a

What we know so far: Nokia P1 edition

Samsung won’t be unveiling its Galaxy S8 beast at MWC this year, which leaves the coast clear for other Android OEMs like LG to shine. Apart from the LG G6, we also expect to see Nokia (and HMD) unveil a pair of flagship phones known so far as the P1 lineup. The devices have been

What we know so far: LG G6 edition

LG will soon unveil it’s next-gen top of a line device, the LG G6. According to recent information the Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t be unveiled at MWC 2017, thus leaving the coast clear for LG to draw all the attention upon itself during the event. Knowing that scheduling its flagship launch on the same day

What we know so far: Samsung Galaxy S8 edition

Since CES isn’t an event that has a focus on phones, a lot of Android OEMs tend to reserve handset announcements for MWC. It’s the case of Samsung which you probably already know by now, is expected (by most) to launch the Galaxy S8 flagship in Barcelona With approximately a month and a half to