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Moto X Pure Edition (XT1095) may soon get more LTE bands

There’s been a bit of confusion over the Pure Edition of the new Moto X and the LTE bands it supports. The original specs as supplied by Motorola at the launch event are different what current is listed on Motorola’s product page, and the XT1095 (Pure Edition) and XT1097 (AT&T) models no longer match up on banding.

Here’s how the bands line up, as Motorola lists them today:

XT1095 (Pure Edition): Bands 02, 04, 17 XT1097  [Read More…]

Reviewed: The AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition is the connected toy you’ve always wanted

I have had my eye on the AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition Quadcopter‎ for quite a while, though I was never quite ready to drop $ 300 for one. So when Parrot offered to send me one, to say I was ecstatic would be an understatement. When the package arrived at my door, I quickly dropped what I was doing and got to work (well, got to play I guess). I popped open the box, pulled out  [Read More…]

Show your love for European football with this limited edition HTC One M8

If the numerous color variants of the HTC One M8 don’t strike your fancy, how about a football-themed edition of the handset? To celebrate the return of Europe’s premier football tournament, HTC is launching the UEFA Champions League collector’s edition One M8.

Moto X ‘Pure Edition’ plays fine with T-Mobile and AT&T LTE

Good news, everyone! If you’re looking to go the carrier-free, “Pure Edition” route with your new Moto X, Motorola says it’ll work on both T-Mobile and AT&T LTE bands. (Last year’s unlocked model was more TMo-friendly.)

The bad news? Motorola’s website is still getting hammered.

Commiserate in our Moto X forums if you’d like.

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Eight reasons to buy a Moto X ‘Pure Edition’

We’re picking on AT&T because that’s what we currently have, but the other carriers are just as guilty of bloating up what otherwise is a pretty clean implementation of Android on the new Moto X.

You can pre-order the AT&T Moto X Bloatware Edition now; the Pure Edition goes up at noon EDT.

Motorola announces pre-orders for AT&T Moto X, Moto X Pure Edition and more


Motorola on Sunday announced the upcoming pre-orders for a number of its 2014 product line. Effective tomorrow, Tuesday, September 16, customers can place pre-orders for the AT&T version of the Moto X and the Moto X Pure Edition. Pricing is $ 99 (with a two-year service plan) and $ 499 (off-contract), respectively. The Pure Edition, as we recently learned, is the unlocked bootloader and carrier-free take  [Read More…]

Motorola to offer Moto X “Pure Edition” unlocked, without carrier enhancements


Motorola may be about to embrace the Nexus program on an unbranded “pure edition” Moto X device. Whilst the actual Moto X isn’t a hundred miles away from stock Android, it technically isn’t vanilla Android, but the Moto X Pure Edition will be 100% stock Android through-and-through.

It’ll be sold directly through Google Play, be unlocked, and unbranded, and free to enjoy speedy updates that  [Read More…]

The unlocked and unadulterated Moto X might be called ‘Pure Edition’

The unbranded, unlocked version of Motorola’s new Moto X will go by the name Moto X Pure Edition. While it will still retain Motorola’s custom software tweaks, it will lack any of the carrier software found in the different branded versions of the device. It will also be sold directly by Motorola. If this sounds familiar, it’s exactly what Motorola did with the original 2013 Moto X, except it didn’t have a name.

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Verizon won’t be getting a developer edition for Moto X in 2014

The new Moto X for 2014 won’t be coming in a developer edition flavor for Verizon Wireless customers, unlike the original model that was released last year. Motorola’s Punit Soni confirmed that there won’t be a developer edition this year for Verizon in a Google+ post. Instead, if you’re interested in the Moto X on Verizon’s 4G XLTE network, you’ll be left with the standard carrier offerings.

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Google Glass Explorer Edition now on sale via Google Play Store in US

Google has begun selling the early Explorer Edition of its Google Glass eyewear device directly on the Google Play Store in the US market, rather than offer it for sale on its own dedicated web site.