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Elephone U Pro review: Absolutely gorgeous, but flawed

The Elephone U Pro does a great job replicating the Galaxy S9’s design. While the phone is beautiful to look at, it is, unfortunately, lacking in other departments.

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Dual curved display smartphone battle: BLUBOO Edge vs Elephone S7

Unlike traditional smartphones, dual curved display equipped smartphones bring a stunning visual impact for customers. Shortly after the release of Samsung S7 Edge came the Huawei Mate 9 Porsche design and Xiaomi Note 2, followed by numerous Chinese manufacturers launching handsets with dual curved design. BLUBOO and Elephone are no exception. Today we will take a

The 5.5″ HD Elephone P9000 Android 6.0 with 4GB RAM is on sale for just $200

Looking to pick up a new phone? Luckily in 2016 we have a wide variety of powerful smartphones that don’t cost a whole lot of money with great internal specs. Gearbest.com is running a big sale on the recently released Elephone P9000 for just $ 199.99 with free shipping included. For your hard earned money, you will

Elephone S3 review: An elegant, unlocked, stock Android experience for $180

Designed by Chinese smartphone maker Elephone the S3 is a mid-range handset released in spring of 2016. Sold unlocked, it’s capable of working with GSM carriers on 3G and 4G technologies. If you’re a “typical” US consumer looking for a new phone for AT&T, T-Mobile, or any of their respective prepaid brands, this is the

Elephone W2: a Quality (semi) smartwatch on a budget. [Review]

Elephone is steadily earning a reputation in tech circles as an inexpensive, reliable, quality manufacturer. This watch is my first experience with Elephone (and, indeed, with SmarterWatching) but from what I’ve seen in my couple weeks with the W2, I tend to agree with that analysis. What it is: Elephone W2 Smartwatch How much it

Stop paying for big brand overhead; Buy an unlocked phone online (Elephone)

I’m currently in the review process for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and it is undoubtedly the most attractive phone I’ve ever seen in person. It’s also about $ 800. That kind

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The classic Elephone W2 Smartwatch is 68% off for a limited time

Looking for a smartwatch that actually looks like a watch? Gearbest.com is offering the classic watch with Bluetooth capability for just $ 46.99 – the Elephone W2 Smartwatch. The W2 smartwatch

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The Elephone M3 is a whole lot of phone for just $200

Another great deal from gearbest.com brings you an ultra powerful device for just $ 199.99. Elephone has been on a roll with devices that defy the laws of pricing and smartphones. The Elephone Vowney is an Android device that comes with a super powerful processor with a 4k display for less than $ 350. $ 270 gets you Android 6.0 in the Elephone P9000 with ultra powerful specs as well.

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The fully loaded Elephone P9000 comes with Android 6.0 and can be ordered now for $270

The Elephone P9000 is without a doubt a phone you need to checkout. I just put my own personal order in through gearbest.com as they will be one of the first with availability with 1000 units. The Elephone P9000 is one of the most intriguing smartphones you can order right now. Not only is it gorgeous with super small 1.6mm thin bezels in a metal frame, but it also has a Android 6.0 Marshmallow installed straight from the factory.

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Order the Elephone Vowney Lite Android Lollipop for $240


Some of you may have a little extra cash in your pockets as Christmas just passed, and you might have received money as a gift. Just because you have extra money doesn’t mean you have to spend it all on a flagship smartphone. Elephone recently released two powerhouses in the Vowney and the Vowney Lite which is anything but “lite.”


It comes with an ultra-powerful octa-core 64-bit Mediatek Helio X10  [Read More…]