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More Android phones are using encryption and lock screen security than ever before

An increasing number of people are making the right decisions.

We like to harp on security here from time to time, but it’s for good reason. Many often have a false sense of just how secure their private data is on their devices — that is, if they’re thinking about it at all. Your average smartphone user just wants to access the apps and people they care about, and not worry about security.

That’s why it was  [Read More…]

High-level encryption for all of your devices; 2 years of Private Internet Access VPN only $59.95

Let’s be honest. You need to take your online security seriously with the ever growing amount of cyber theft and hacking that goes on every second. With each day that passes, it only gets worse. Don’t wait until it happens; be proactive and take measures to ensure you keep all of your information private. About […]

What is encryption?

Encryption can be a very complicated subject, but getting a grasp of the basics isn’t difficult.

Recently, we’ve had a few questions about encryption. We’ve talked about how Android incorporates encryption and the changes that Nougat brings, and to get the most from those discussions an understanding of the basics is a must. Let’s talk about those basics for a bit.

What exactly is encryption?

In its simplest sense, encryption is changing the way information is  [Read More…]

Facebook starts testing ‘secret conversations’ in Messenger with end-to-end encryption

Facebook has begun testing end-to-end encryption for conversations in Messenger. Dubbed “secret conversations,” encryption allows you to securely message your friends and loved ones securely, in a way that nobody else, not even Facebook, can see.

From Facebook:

To enable you to do this we are starting to test the ability to create one-to-one secret conversations in Messenger that will be end-to-end encrypted and which can only be read on one device of the person you’re communicating with.  [Read More…]

Facebook reportedly mulling end-to-end encryption for Messenger

According to a new report, Facebook may be gearing up to launch an option to encrypt interactions through its Messenger app. That’s according to The Guardian, which states that the option would come as a separate mode that could be enabled by users.

From The Guardian:

In the coming months, according to three people close to the project, the social media company plans to release an optional encrypted communications mode for its Messenger app,  [Read More…]

Allo’s end-to-end encryption will be powered by Open Whisper Systems Signal Protocol

The end-to-end encryption that will be found in Google’s upcoming messaging app Allo will be powered by Open Whisper Systems Signal Protocol. Conversations that are held in Incognito mode will be fully encrypted, and disappear once you exit Incognito.

Very little was said during the original announcement about how the end-to-end encryption would work, or who Google partnered with to provide the security. From Open Whisper Systems announcement:

We’re excited to partner with Google on the private  [Read More…]

Tech companies express ‘deep concerns’ about encryption bill in open letter to Senators

Four big tech coalitions have teamed up to write an open letter to two senators in opposition to a bill that would require smartphone manufacturers to decrypt data for law enforcement on demand. Apple, Google, and Facebook are amongst the companies that these coalitions represent, and the letter expresses their “deep concerns” surrounding the proposed bill.

The letter is addressed to Senators Richard Burr and Dianne Feinstein, and is signed by Reform Government Surveillance, the Computer  [Read More…]

Amazon will bring encryption back to Fire tablets in upcoming update

Amazon recently removed the encryption of its tablets with the Fire OS 5 update, and now the company has announced that they will be bringing it back. Initially when the encryption was removed, Amazon said that the communications through its server were secure enough, but the move still had people upset. Luckily, it appears as though Amazon heard the users, and will be bringing the encryption back to the tablets. Amazon told Engadget:

We will return the  [Read More…]

Amazon removes device encryption from Fire OS 5 update

As the Apple/FBI encryption story continues to rage on, Amazon finds itself in a spotlight of its own.

The latest updates to Fire OS 5 which is pushing out to previous generation products is greeting Fire device owners with an unwelcome message that device encryption is being removed.


Amazon is but one of the company’s that has joined an amicus brief alongside Apple, yet removing encryption from its own devices.

While  [Read More…]

BlackBerry reiterates stance on encryption: Lawful compliance and no backdoors

At MWC 2016 today and in the shadow of Apple’s battle with the FBI over encryption, BlackBerry reiterated their stance on security and encryption. It’s a nuanced position: compliance with legal requests but also protecting their customers’ privacy.

A BlackBerry spokesperson said:

BlackBerry abides by lawful access principles — at the end of the day we want to ensure that we’re not helping criminals or terrorists. With that said, we don’t create backdoors  [Read More…]