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The end is nigh: Google is ending SMS support for Hangouts in May

In an unconfirmed email to one G Suite user, Google will be discontinuing SMS support for Hangouts in May. However, everything will continue to work normally for Google Voice users.

EA begins ending support for several Android games

Hold on to that Mass Effect: Infiltrator saved game, as Electronic Arts (EA) has ended support for several of their mobile games, pulling them off the Google Play and APple App Store marketplaces as of September 1st, 2015.

Although most of the games are iOS exclusives, certain Android versions of EA games have also been taken down. Some of the titles affected include mobile spin-offs of popular EA franchises, including Burnout, Dead Space and Mass Effect.

EA says that these  [Read More…]

Name your own price Game Design Bundle, ending soon

Do you have what it takes to make the next Flappy Bird? If you’re on the brink of greatness with your game idea but need a nudge to get over the creative hump, this deal is tailored to fit your needs. The Name Your Own Price Game Design Bundle will help you learn the ropes, design stimulating games, and put you on a path to achieving your goals.

The Name Your Own Price concept is simple: You decide what you  [Read More…]

Ending soon: 1TB Wi-Fi hard drive + 10TB cloud backup from iDrive

When my parents were young, they’d collect photographs in shoeboxes, albums, and scrapbooks. Now, all of my photos and videos are on a small MicroSD card tucked into the back of my phone. What if I were to lose that phone or, even more likely, that card? Sure, I can back the images up on my laptop’s internal hard drive — and I do — but there’s only so much space and who’s to say the laptop will even last?  [Read More…]

Ending soon: 4 year premium VPN subscription, 84% off

There are plenty of reasons for one to want to keep their internet connection private. It’s possible that you have a dose of distrust for your government and want to ensure your sense of privacy while online. Maybe you’ve made enemies or inadvertently endeared yourself to some over-infatuated stalker and want to safeguard your activities. Perhaps you travel frequently for business and spend a significant amount of time connected to unsecured public Wi-Fi and want to immunize yourself from the  [Read More…]

The world seems to be ending in Mophie’s first Super Bowl ad

Smartphone battery case company Mophie has decided to join the Super Bowl TV commercial train for the first time this year, and they have already posted their 30-second commercial online. The ad shows the entire world on the brink of destruction.

Nest’s Tony Fadell takes leadership of Google Glass, sales ending Jan. 19

The Google Glass wearable headset computer has a new lead, and it’s none other than Nest founder and CEO Tony Fadell. The Glass project is also moving out of the Google X experimental unit nearly 2 years after its initial release. Current Glass chief Ivy Ross will still be running day-to-day operations of the Glass organization, and Fadell also is not leaving Google’s home automation subsidiary Nest, nor is Glass becoming part of Nest. Additionally, sales  [Read More…]

Microsoft ending Skype domestic mobile and landline calls in India November 10

People in India will soon not be able to use Microsoft’s Skype service to make calls to local mobile phones and landlines. The company has quietly revealed, via an updated support website page, that all those kinds of calls will end on November 10 in that country.

Google Wallet tap and pay support ending for phones not running KitKat in April

Feature to be removed from device not running Android 4.4 or higher on April 14, 2014

Google Wallet’s tap and pay feature is soon to become a KitKat only affair. According to a message sent out to users with the feature enabled, but running a lower version of Android, the new, different technology used means older versions will not be able to support it, and support for the old method is being dropped.

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Top 10 Android app updates for the week ending February 10


When I got my first Android phone a little over three years ago, one of my favorite things was to browse the Android Market and watch which apps were being pushed to the Android Market. Developers soon began to exploit the Just In section of the Android Market with fake updates to get their app to the top of the list, so Google eventually removed that feature.

Now when I want  [Read More…]