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In Adventure of Priestess, your biggest enemy is the game’s translation (Review)

Browsing through some deals, I found a small little game called Adventure of Priestess. It seemed cool: a RPG with pixelated graphics and sprites that resembled cats. It was being offered for free, so I went for it. It has 4.4 stars in the Play Store, so I figured it should be good, right? Play Store ratings are always a reliable source of information, right?

Developer: SoftCone Price: $ 0.99


In Adventure of Priestess, you “control” five different  [Read More…]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper gets enemy HP bars and more in second major update

The second major update to Final Fantasy Record Keeper tweaks characters, adds enemy HP bars, and much more.

If you’re into the Final Fantasy role-playing game series, you can’t do much better for mobile-original games than Final Fantasy Record Keeper. The free-to-play game from DeNA and Square Enix is basically a “Final Fantasy All-Stars,” which characters from nearly every numbered Final Fantasy teaming up to battle against enemies and bosses from all across the series –  [Read More…]

2K puts XCOM: Enemy Within, NHL 2K, and WWE 2K on sale for Independence Day

From now until Monday, July 6, 2K Games is holding a sale on some of their mobile titles to celebrate Independence Day. The sale includes discounts on NHL 2K and tactical strategy title XCOM: Enemy Within.

XCOM: Enemy Within for Android brings more aliens than you can shake a plasma cannon at

The sequel to classic strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown is now available in the Google Play Store. XCOM: Enemy Within features the same excellent turn-based gameplay and long-term squad progression, and lathers on new story, more aliens to blow up, more tech to research, and the ability to upgrade your troops with cybernetics and gene mods.

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown is coming to soon to Google Play


XCOM just took to their Twitter page to announce that the awesome game that is XCOM: Enemy Unknown will be hitting the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore very soon.

The Award Winning XCOM: Enemy Unknown is coming to soon to Google Play and the Amazon Appstore! pic.twitter.com/5gFpPvPeCx

— XCOM (@XCOM) April 22, 2014

Whilst the extend of the tweet only mentions that it’s  [Read More…]

Why Google is a Better Apple Friend than Enemy

A casual observer might be forgiven for thinking that to Apple, Google is Enemy #1. Apple’s most profitable (and therefore important) businesses center on the iPhone and iPad. The most serious competitors in both these product categories run on Google’s Android platform.

The belief that Google is the enemy makes intuitive sense on two counts. First, when you, the gadget-happy user, chooses a device, you may consider an iPhone or  [Read More…]