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How to use a Nest Thermostat to save money on your energy bill

There are a lot of reasons to buy a Nest Thermostat, but for a lot of people, one of the biggest is to help save on their monthly energy bill. Nest Thermostats can help you save money using a few different methods, and today, we’ll be highlighting a few of our favorite ones. Let’s get started!

Products used in this guide Amazon: Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Gen) ($ 217) B&H: Nest Thermostat E ($ 169) Understand what Eco  [Read More…]

Meet Arcadia Power, the company that wants to give you clean energy

Fossil fuels aren’t just harmful for the environment, they’re more expensive than renewable, clean energy resources. Unfortunately, most people are under the impression that green energy resources are difficult to access — but with Arcadia Power, conservation-conscious people can use an online platform to not only get free access to low-cost clean energy resources, but improve how your home runs.

Arcadia Power helps you connect to less expensive clean energy plans — and you get some peace of mind knowing  [Read More…]

Samsung to use 100% renewable energy in the U.S., China, and Europe by 2020

The renewable energy will be used at the company’s factories and offices.

On Thursday, June 14, Samsung announced a big change in the way it powers all of its operations. By 2020, the company aims to use 100% renewable energy at factories, offices, and operational facilities throughout the United States, China, and Europe.

While these three regions are Samsung’s main focus at the moment, it says it’ll “seek to further increase its use of renewable energy around  [Read More…]

Which Smart Plugs are Best for Monitoring Energy Usage?

Do you know how much energy your devices and appliances are using?

Smart plugs can be great accessories for controlling devices around your home. They work with voice assistants such as Google Assistant or Alexa and can turn almost any lamp or appliance into a smart device you can control with your voice.

But that’s just the beginning — get a smart plug with energy monitoring features and you’ll be able to track how much energy your  [Read More…]

Grab two of TP-Link’s energy monitoring smart plugs for just $40 today

Monitor your usage from anywhere.

Amazon currently has this 2-pack of TP-Link smart plugs marked down to $ 39.99, a match of its lowest price. We’ve seen the price drop this low in the past, but for the better part of this year, they’ve been selling for $ 50. The 2-pack of Mini smart plugs is $ 5 off at $ 55 if you prefer to be able to stack two smart plugs in the same wall  [Read More…]

Does the Nest Thermostat save you money on energy bills?

Yes. With your help.

There’s nothing magical about the Nest Thermostat. Not really, anyway. It’s a little computer bolted to your wall and connected to your home internet is all.

Metal. Plastic. Wires. Maybe some ball bearings or something. (Everything good has ball bearings. It’s a scientific fact.)

So magic? No. Able to save you money on your home energy bill? Most definitely.

I’ve used a Nest Thermostat for years. And the thing about it is this:  [Read More…]

OnePlus has Dash Charge … and now a ‘Dash Energy’ drink

OnePlus is expanding to a new market.

To celebrate the success of Dash Charge introduced on the OnePlus 3 and build on its branding, OnePlus is now making an energy drink. Yes, an energy drink. What would it be called? Well of course simply Dash Energy.

Just like the wall charger, Dash Energy drink will give your body a day’s power in half an hour — at least, that’s the goal. I suppose that depends on if  [Read More…]

Check out Uvolt, a watch that uses solar energy to charge your phone

Tired of carrying your charging cable around with you all day? This new startup hailing from Canada might have an interesting solution to the very familiar problem of always running out of battery on your smartphone. Say hello to the Uvolt Watch – which is more than just a timepiece you can wear on your […]

Energy Bar is a much cooler way of checking your Android’s battery level

Let’s face it, looking at your notification and status bar for checking the battery level is boring. Truthfully, things haven’t changed much in that area over the last few years. Sure, some OEMs are building in things to display exact percentages and others offer widgets with battery status. But, by and large, looking at your phone

Energy Bar review: The coolest way to check your battery

Your battery indicator. Probably the most boring aspect of any smartphone. In fact, I bet the only time you notice it is when you’re phone reaches 15%. For most of us, our battery icons do not do a good job in showing just how much juice is left in our phone. Sure, you can toggle