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Become a certified Cisco engineer for only $49!

For over 30 years, Cisco Systems has been helping companies with their networking and communication by providing IT support. If you’ve ever worked in a traditional office setting, you’ve probably seen or used one of their systems in action.

Their technologies have become an essential component to much of the corporate world’s connectivity and efficient functionality. As such, there’s a constant and growing demand for certified Cisco engineers is constant and continually growing. It’s a great career path that features  [Read More…]

Lead Google Duo engineer teases group calls, web app, and more

Group calls in Duo might finally be a thing.

Although it still isn’t quite as popular as Apple FaceTime, Google Duo has quickly become one of the best video/audio calling apps around. Google’s pushed out regular updates to the app since its debut less than two years ago, and Duo’s lead engineer recently teased a few upcoming features we could see later in the year.

On January 9, Justin Uberti posted a Tweet promoting Duo video calls  [Read More…]

[Deal] Save over 85% on the AWS Engineer Certification Bundle

Learning to develop applications or web pages, is very popular nowadays. That’s why you often see a lot of deals here at AndroidGuys that have something to do with learning how to develop. Today’s deal is an offer on getting you ready to pass two different Amazon Web Services exams.


This deal from AndroidGuys and StackCommerce is for the Amazon Web Services Engineer Certification Bundle. Within this Bundle you will find  [Read More…]

Android M to be announced this year: Google engineer

While many of us are still waiting to get Android 5.0 Lollipop update on our devices, Google seems to be set to announce its latest operating system, Android M during I/O 2015.

In an interview with Fast Company, a Google software engineer confidently claimed that the search engine giant will announce the successor to Android 5.0 Lollipop later this year.

Without mentioning specific dates, Hiroshi Lockheimer also divulged that Google has adopted a yearly cadence of big releases. “For instance, one year we release J, the next year  [Read More…]

Lenovo ‘product engineer’ Ashton Kutcher returns to get feedback from tablet users

About a year ago, actor Ashton Kutcher helped Lenovo launch its Android-based Yoga tablets as their spokesperson, but under the title of the company’s newest “product engineer”. Now Kutcher has returned to the Lenovo fold in a series of videos that serve as a teaser for an upcoming tablet launch.

Leading Google Glass engineer joins Facebook to work on Oculus [Updated]

Adrian Wong, lead electrical engineer on Glass, has left Google to join Facebook. What’s a guy like Wong doing at Facebook with his skill set? He’s joining the Oculus team to work on the virtual reality.

‘Product Engineer’ Ashton Kutcher will actually be designing phones for Lenovo

Ashton Kutcher

Two-and-a-half special-edition smartphones

It was back in October that Lenovo signed up Ashton Kutcher as their newest “product engineer”, a move that was more marketing stunt than anything else. Or so we thought.

Lenovo Chief Marketing Officer David Roman says that Kutcher actually is going to be designing phones for Lenovo. He might not be a technical engineer that works with chipsets, sensors, and the like, but he’s also going to be  [Read More…]

Wiping battery stats doesn’t improve battery life, says Google engineer

Android Central

You there! Android hacker! Stop screwing around with your battery stats!

OK, if you’re not part of the small subset of rooted users who likes to mess around with things they shouldn’t, you can probably skip the rest of this story and read something more interesting below. But if you have fiddled with battery stats on your phone, or used any of the rooted “battery calibration” apps in the Android Market, which  [Read More…]