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Android Enterprise adds rugged phones to its lineup

Google’s collection of the most secure, up-to-date Android phones around.

Android’s open source nature means that just about any OEM can use the operating system to power its hardware, and while this is great for a large amount of consumer choice, it also results in the market feeling a bit flooded and overwhelming at times.

If you’re buying a phone for work/business purposes, you want to make sure you get something that’s going to stay up-to-date with  [Read More…]

Why the Galaxy Note 9 is the new king of the enterprise

If you’re a heavy business user, there are plenty of reasons to love the Note 9.

The Note series has always been a bit… different. The original Galaxy Note was a behemoth — for the time — aimed squarely at enthusiasts. Compared to that year’s Galaxy S II, the Note brought a bigger screen, more powerful internals, and the now-classic S Pen. Since that time, the Note series has switched between being an enthusiast’s dream and being  [Read More…]

Complete Microsoft 365 Security training bundle turns you into an Enterprise wizard for just $49

Organizations today are concerned if hackers are holding their data hostage. Everyone is looking for an answer or a new approach to safeguard their organizations. This is that solution. Master Office 365, Windows 10 Security, and Enterprise Mobility and Security on the cheap!

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Android Enterprise Recommended highlights the best phones for businesses

Recommendations include the Pixel 2, BlackBerry Motion, and others.

As a regular consumer, deciding which Android phone is best for you can often be a real struggle. When you’re in charge of a company and trying to find the best phone for your employees and co-workers, this struggle is exacerbated even more. To help alleviate some of the headaches that can come with this, Google is launching the Android Enterprise Recommended program.

Android Enterprise Recommended will highlight  [Read More…]

Google introduces ‘Google Enterprise’ with more robust management tools

Google is rolling out new tools for businesses to better manage Chromebooks.

Chromebook usage in businesses has grown in recent years, for a few good reasons. Chromebooks are dead simple to log into and use, and if something does go wrong it’s easy to powerwash them. Google already provides basic management tools for businesses interested in deploying Chromebooks, but soon, admins will have another option. Google has announced a new suite of tools called Chrome Enterprise.

While  [Read More…]

Google Glass is back, and it’s headed to the enterprise

Alphabet has been working on Glass Enterprise Edition for over two years.

Google Glass failed to pick up momentum as a consumer product, but the wearable is getting a new lease on life in the enterprise segment. Alphabet’s X, which oversees the development of Glass, has announced that after two years in a limited trial program, the Glass Enterprise Edition is being rolled out to more businesses.

Glass Enterprise Edition first broke cover back in 2015  [Read More…]

Hangouts is finally completing its transition to an enterprise communication platform

Google’s long-winding road of trying to figure out what exactly Hangouts should be looks to be finding a nice stopping point.

With a set of massive changes planned for the near future, Hangouts is set to find a proper place as an enterprise-focused communications platform. Google just announced sweeping changes to its G Suite enterprise tools, and chief among them is big improvements and restructuring of Hangouts to work best for business.

It breaks down into two distinct products  [Read More…]

Google will shift Hangouts to the enterprise after Allo and Duo release

Hangouts will live on, but perhaps not in the way you expect.

Alongside the announcement of video chat app Duo’s imminent release, and the hint that companion messaging app Allo is just around the corner, Google has announced that its divisive multi-platform Hangouts service will shift its focus away from consumers.

In an interview with Engadget, Nick Fox, Google’s VP of communication products, said that “because Hangouts is built on a Google account, [and] because it’s deeply integrated with  [Read More…]

Google brings its AI smarts to the enterprise with Springboard, Sites gets a major refresh

Google showcased how it was leveraging machine learning for communication at this year’s I/O, and the search giant is now bringing artificial intelligence capabilities to Google Apps users with a new utility called Springboard. The application lets Google Apps users search across Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and more from a single location.

From the Google blog:

Google Springboard helps you find the right information that you need at the moment that you need it. It searches  [Read More…]

Google’s enterprise apps chief moves to run its VR business

Google for Work president Amit Singh announced today he will be leaving that gig to lead the business and operations for Google’s recently formed VR unit.

Singh use his Twitter feed (via Recode), to make the announcement:

Thrilled to be joining Google VR team to lead biz and ops. Incredibly proud of @googleforwork and where they are headed

— Amit Singh (@aksingh77) May 13, 2016

Singh has been president of Google for  [Read More…]