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Xbox One game streaming app OneCast enters beta for Android

OneCast is making the leap from Apple devices to Android to give everyone a taste of Xbox game streaming.

What you need to know OneCast is an app that streams your Xbox games to supported devices. OneCast is undergoing beta for Android devices. The release date of the full Android version is unknown.

If you have an Android device, you can now test out the game streaming app OneCast in beta ahead of its full public release.  [Read More…]

Xiaomi officially enters the UK with the Mi 8 Pro

This is the first time the Mi 8 Pro’s been sold outside of China.

Xiaomi is steadily becoming one of the world’s most important smartphone brands, and on November 8, the company announced that it’s officially expanded to the United Kingdom.

To mark its UK debut, Xiaomi’s initial product offerings include the Mi 8 Pro, Redmi 6A, Xiaomi Band 3, and Mi Electric Scooter.

The Mi 8 Pro originally debuted in China this May, and it’s easily  [Read More…]

Casio enters the Android Wear 2.0 game with a limited edition rugged smartwatch

Android Wear 2.0 was launched last month and it already made it on plenty of new models. Just in recent days we told you about the Guess Connect and Montblanc Sumit and now Casio has announced it is joining the Android Wear 2.0 family. Remember the Casio WSD-F20 which was unveiled at CES 2017? Well […]

Ulefone enters world of virtual reality with VRKAM

In addition to announcing a number of new smartphones, Ulefone has decided to try its hand at virtual reality. This week sees them introducing the VRKAM, a camera dedicated to what else, VR. There aren’t too many details about the unit just yet, but Ulefone tells us that it should be launching in the near […]

Microsoft enters into agreement to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

Microsoft has announced the company has entered into talks with LinkedIn to acquire the work-focused social networking platform. Shares have halted at the time of writing and the company has published a press release with further details. The deal is valued at $ 26.2 billion, but the LinkedIn brand, culture and overall independence will remain in tact.

CEO Jess Weiner will retain his position and report to Microsoft’s Nadella, and the deal is fully backed by chairman, controlling  [Read More…]

Wal-Mart enters mobile payment war with Walmart Pay

Fret not if you forget your credit card at home the next time you visit Walmart, as you can simply pull out your smartphone and pay for groceries. Yes, the retail company is set to make your life easier with launch of ‘Walmart Pay,’ which will accept payments from Android as well as Apple devices.

The service will be launched in select Walmart stores on Thursday, while it will be available throughout the nation by the first half of 2016.

In order to use Walmart Pay during checkout, you  [Read More…]

Android enters the Jelly Bean Era

In Part 6 of our 8-part series on the Android of History, we examine how a wave of new devices running ‘Jelly Bean’ ushered in the modern age of Android.

Intro Pre-history Early days Making it big Transformed Samsung rises Jelly Bean Era Coming soon Coming soon

As Android enters the modern age, HTC and Samsung vie for supremacy, LG emerges as a new contender and Google experiments with tablets, phones and glasses.

Of all  [Read More…]

Gigaset enters mobile market with three new Android phones

gigaset featuredGigaset, a little-known German manufacturer primarily focused on home phone systems, has jumped into the mobile market at IFA this week with the launch of three new phones, all powered by Android. It looks like the company is starting off with an emphasis on design and pricing, with the three devices set in different price ranges. Gigaset’s new devices all fall under the “ME” title, which indicates that this could be their flagship  [Read More…]

Samsung Pay: Smartphone giant enters the world of mobile payments

Following its acquisition of mobile payments firm LoopPay, Samsung has today announced its own mobile payment platform, Samsung Pay. Utilizing both NFC and MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission), Samsung Pay will enable customers to use their smartphones to pay using existing magnetic strip readers. The service will take on Apple Pay, which launched late last year on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

[Read More…]

Android Studio enters beta with Wear, Android L, and TV support for devs

Android Studio is a development environment that’s been in testing since last year, and has just recently emerged from alpha status and is moving into beta. A bit part of the update is to support the Android L preview that was released at Google I/O, but Studio also has early support for Android Wear and Android TV as well. This includes templates, layout rendering, and everything else you need to get cooking.

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