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Make your home safer with the $36 Kidde Three-Story Fire Escape Ladder

A wise investment.

Amazon is offering the Kidde Three-Story Fire Escape Ladder for $ 35.93, which saves you about $ 20 off the average price.

This 25-foot ladder features metal anti-slip rungs and a bright red nylon strap. The ladder is extremely strong and durable, and capable of holding 1000 pounds or more. It attaches quickly and easily to most common windows, and the design unfurls smoothly and quickly. No assembly or tools are required to install  [Read More…]

Stories are now part of Google Search because you can’t escape them

Welcome to the future of mobile storytelling.

Ever since Snapchat first introduced its Stories feature in late 2013, we’ve seen countless companies try and mimic the same formula with their own services. Following in the footsteps of Instagram, Facebook, and more, Google is the latest company to dip its toes in these waters.

Before you grab your torches and pitchforks, this doesn’t mean that Google is trying to launch its own social network where you share stories  [Read More…]

The LOFT portable battery case lets Google Home escape from the home

If you’ve always wanted your Google Home to be a little more portable, this’ll take care of that.

Sure, pretty much everything that’s baked into Google Home is already in your perfectly portable smartphone. Google Assistant. Music. Podcasts. Answers for all of the world’s questions. But let’s face it, even the best smartphone speakers suck compared to Google Home.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just take your Google Home outside, without needing an extension cord?  [Read More…]

Adventures of J: An “Escape the Room” style game that needs some serious polish

Escape the Room games were a hugely popular genre of puzzle games back in the day when Flash games were all the rage on computers. Your goal was to find clues and items scattered around the area that allowed you to solve puzzles to ultimately escape from a room or collect a treasure of some sort.

The 2017 Ford Escape arrives in May with Android Auto support

Ford will finally join the list of car companies that will support Android Auto in May. That’s when sales will begin on the 2017 Ford Escape, which will be the first Ford car with its Sync 3 technology that supports both Google’s car tech and Apple’s rival CarPlay system.

Production of the 2017 Ford Escape has begun at the company’s Louisville Assembly Plant. In addition to Sync 3, the car will also be the first  [Read More…]

Goosebumps VR takes you on a wild ride while trying to escape the giant praying mantis

If you’ve ever wanted to try and escape a giant praying mantis in virtual reality, you’ll want to check out Goosebumps VR immediately. Whether you have a virtual reality viewer, like Google Cardboard or not, you’ll be able to use the app without issue. Once installed, you’ll select 360 video to participate without a viewer, or virtual reality to participate with one. You’ll then need to be sitting down, and prepared to follow the instructions on the  [Read More…]

AT&T quietly begins selling LG Escape 2, and its curved display, for $179.99

AT&T has quietly begun selling the LG Escape 2. The previously unannounced mid-range smartphone has a 4.7-inch curved display and has a no-contract price of $ 179.99.

LG has finally released a follow-up to its mid-range LG Escape smartphone that launched in 2012. The LG Escape 2 went on sale a few days ago on AT&T’s website for $ 179.99 without a contract.

[Read More…]

Monkey King Escape is Ubisoft’s new endless runner for Android

Monkey King Escape is a new endless runner from Ubisoft for Android devices from the Google Play Store. Loosely based on the Chinese novel Journey to the West, Monkey King Escape sees you run and fly across a mystical world in an effort to claim the title of Monkey King.

Break out of the underworld in Hellraid: The Escape

A dark first-person puzzle game just emerged in the Google Play Store called Hellraid: The Escape. It ties in with an upcoming console game, though the mobile iteration is decidedly less hack-and-slashy. It’s going for $ 2.99, and has no in-app purchases or ads.